Exposure Assessment Models

Meteorological Data - Colorado

Daily and hourly meteorological data are available for each of the weather stations listed below. To view the metadata for a data set from your Web browser, click on the corresponding file name with a ".txt" extension. The metadata lists the format of the daily and hourly files and the time frame in which data was collected.

Click on a file name with a ".exe" extension to download a compressed, self-extracting weather station data set and its corresponding metadata file.

Download Files
Station Name Daily Value
Files (1 MB)
Hourly Value
Files (7 MB)
Alamosa w23061d.exe w23061h.exe w23061.txt
Boulder/Denver(Stapleton AP) w94018d.exe w94018h.exe w94018.txt
Colorado Springs w93037d.exe w93037h.exe w93037.txt
Eagle w23063d.exe w23063h.exe w23063.txt
Grand Junction w23066d.exe w23066h.exe w23066.txt
Pueblo w93058d.exe w93058h.exe w93058.txt