Exposure Assessment Models

Meteorological Data - Missouri

Daily and hourly meteorological data are available for each of the weather stations listed below. To view the metadata for a data set from your Web browser, click on the corresponding file name with a ".txt" extension. The metadata lists the format of the daily and hourly files and the time frame in which data was collected.

Click on a file name with a ".exe" extension to download a compressed, self-extracting weather station data set and its corresponding metadata file.

Download Files
Station Name Daily Value
Files (1 MB)
Hourly Value
Files (7 MB)
Columbia w03945d.exe w03945h.exe w03945.txt
Kansas City w03947d.exe w03947h.exe w03947.txt
Springfield w13995d.exe w13995h.exe w13995.txt
St. Louis w13994d.exe w13994h.exe w13994.txt