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Green Book

EPA Headquarters Contacts

Questions concerning information in the Green Book and related EPA policy should be directed to the appropriate Regional Office. EPA Headquarters should be contacted only when the Regional Office is unable to answer a question.  See: EPA Regional Office Contacts


Robert Lingard (    919-541-5272

Particulate Matter

Leigh Herrington (       919-541-0882

PM-2.5 Rich Damberg (    919-541-5592

Carbon Monoxide    

Larry Wallace (                919-541-0906

Sulfur Dioxide    

Larry Wallace (                919-541-0906


Leigh Herrington (       919-541-0882

Address and Fax

State & Local Programs Group
Air Quality Policy Division
Office of Air Quality Planning and Standards
Environmental Protection Agency, Mail Code C539-01
Research Triangle Park, NC 27711
Fax: 919-541-0824