Getting Certified by EPA

A substantial number of our offices manage programs that certify technicians, service locations, laboratories or products.  Sometimes rather than performing the certifications ourselves, we will authorize specific independent organizations to perform these certifications.  We've created this page to help visitors find information about these programs.

Below is an automatically-generated list of EPA web pages that include “certification” in the title.  Entries are listed by when they were last updated; most recently updated pages appear at the top.   

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Information about EPA Certifications

Certification and Recertification of WIPP

View certification and recertification information and links to documents pertaining to the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP) in New Mexico.

Refrigerant Recovery and Recycling Equipment Certification

Provides information on requirements for using refrigerant recovery and recycling equipment that is certified by an EPA-approved testing organization.

Annual Certification Data for Vehicles and Engines

The Annual Certification Test Results Report (often referred to as Federal Register Test Results Report) includes light-duty vehicle and heavy-duty engine reports of projected emission levels at the end of the useful life of a vehicle.

Certification for Nonroad (NR) Spark-Ignition (SI) Engines

Steps for certifying small nonroad equipment and tools with EPA.

GreenChill Store Certification Program

GreenChill's Store Certification Program for Food Retailers recognizes individual stores for using environmentally friendlier commercial refrigeration systems.

Annual Certification Data for Engines and Equipment

This page provides certification data from various engine manufacturers for past and current model years.

Certification for Heavy-Duty (HD) Commercial Trucks and Buses and Onroad HD Engines

Steps for certifying an Onroad Commercial Trucks and Buses with EPA.

Certification for Non-Electric Motorcycles

Steps for certifying non-electric motorcycles with EPA.

Types of Section 608 Technician Certification

Certifications for technicians who maintain, service, repair, or dispose of equipment that could release ozone depleting refrigerants or, after January 1, 2018, substitute refrigerants into the atmosphere.