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Indoor airPLUS

Affordable Housing with Indoor airPLUS

Indoor airPLUS is a voluntary partnership and labeling program that offers guidance and construction specifications that help improve comfort and indoor air quality (IAQ) for residents, as well as enhance durability and reduce risk for affordable builders and developers. Indoor airPLUS partners play an important role by developing income-eligible housing typically designated for lower-income households whose construction is generally publicly subsidized by federal, state, or local housing agencies, usually via grants, loans, tax credits, and/or tax-exempt bonds. 

The Indoor airPLUS Leader Awards were created to recognize outstanding Indoor airPLUS Program partners who construct and verify Indoor airPLUS homes designed and built for improved IAQ. This annual award, which includes an affordable builder category, acknowledges market-leading builders and raters that promote the benefits of IAQ protections and educate consumers on the value of safer, healthier, and more comfortable homes with the Indoor airPLUS label. To view the most recent winners, please visit Indoor airPLUS Leader Award Winners.

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Indoor airPLUS Affordable Builder Leaders

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Thrive Home Builders

Thrive Home Builders – Affordable Builder Category Thrive Home Builders has been able to develop a portfolio of new homes that include both market rate housing and income-qualified affordable housing, meeting the needs of a wide variety of homebuyers. Thrive was proud to offer their Elements Collection of 2-story rowhomes in Denver, Colorado, designated for income-qualified households, with both the EPA’s Indoor airPLUS label and the DOE’s Zero Energy Ready Home certification. Congratulations, Thrive Home Builders, on being a committed partner and providing a well-constructed, healthy home at an affordable price point. Thrive Home Builders won the IAP Leader Award in the Affordable Builder Category in 2018.

Habitat for Humanity – Kent County 

Habitat for Humanity – Kent CountyThis Habitat for Humanity - Kent County affiliate in Grand Rapids, MI are recognized for their extensive efforts to educate homeowners and bring them additional long-term value with healthier, safer indoor environments, and won the IAP Leader Award in the Affordable Builder Category in 2017. Habitat for Humanity of Kent County communicates the benefits of healthy indoor air by partnering with educational groups, giving the next generation work force hands-on experience to learn green building practices. Additionally, because of Habitat for Humanity – Kent County's goal to certify all homes under the Indoor airPLUS Program, they also provide education for contractors and suppliers on the program requirements. Their outreach efforts include discussions about IAQ with homeowners and a collaborative construction approach to provide a safer, healthier home—an additional piece of long-term affordability for these families.

Habitat for Humanity – St. Louis

Habitat for Humanity – St. Louis This affordable builder in Saint Louis, MO is a champion of Indoor airPLUS in their market, has committed to building 100% Indoor airPLUS homes, and won the IAP Leader Award in the Affordable Builder Category in 2015 and 2016. Habitat for Humanity-Saint Louis regularly provides training to the volunteers and organizations that work on their homes, highlighting the benefits of improved indoor air quality associated with Indoor airPLUS. They also have presented at conferences and participated in webinars to showcase their participation in the Indoor airPLUS Program and to share best practices with other builders.

Habitat for Humanity

Since the nonprofit organization was founded in 1976, Habitat for Humanity has been building affordable housing with, and for those in need. Since 1976, Habitat has helped more than 29 million people improve their housing conditions. EPA's Indoor airPLUS program proudly works with affiliates across the country and looks forward to partnering with more Habitat for Humanity affiliates.

Habitat Affiliates Improve Homes with Indoor airPLUS

Several Habitat for Humanity partners have enjoyed much success with building Indoor airPLUS labeled homes. While they each approach home building a little differently, they all have recognized that the families who live in these homes will benefit from improved indoor air quality. 

Click the map to find Habitat affiliate Indoor airPLUS partners. 
Habitat for Humanity Indoor airPLUS Qualified Homes Map