Indoor airPLUS

How Raters Label and Report Indoor airPLUS Qualified Homes

  1. Read the Indoor airPLUS Construction Specifications.
  2. Use the Indoor airPLUS Checklist to verify homes.

    Use the Indoor airPLUS Verification Checklist of the Construction Specifications or download the separate Verification Checklist to verify that homes comply with all requirements. As your builders construct homes meeting Indoor airPLUS requirements, schedule the required site visits. You can do the verification in the same 2 inspections required for ENERGY STAR (i.e., pre-drywall and final), but some of the items on the Indoor airPLUS checklist may have to be verified by the builder – for example, foundation and material selection specifications. Any item on the checklist that has both a builder and a rater verification box can be verified by either one. It's up to you and your client to determine who will check these items. Both you and the builder sign the completed checklist.

  3. Label Verified Homes

    When the checklist is completed and signed, place the Indoor airPLUS label above the ENERGY STAR label, usually on the home utility panel. HERS Providers obtain Indoor airPLUS labels from EPA through the Indoor airPLUS reporting process (see Step 5 below).

  4. File documentation with HERS Provider

    File completed Indoor airPLUS checklists with the rating files for each qualified home, following the filing requirements of your HERS Provider. Keep Indoor airPLUS checklists with the completed ENERGY STAR verification documentation. For more information, see the ENERGY STAR Certified Homes Version 3 Current Program Requirements.

  5. HERS Provider reports Indoor airPLUS homes through HOST (Homes Online Submission Tool)

    It is the responsibility of the Rater and builders associated with the home to ensure that they have met all eligibility criteria to have Indoor airPLUS Qualified Homes reported on their behalf. This includes having signed Indoor airPLUS Partnership Agreements in place and having met all mandatory ENERGY STAR trainings.

    It is the responsibility of the Accredited HERS Provider overseeing the project to report your completed project to EPA on a quarterly basis. During each reporting period (January, April, July and October), Accredited HERS Providers report ENERGY STAR and Indoor airPLUS homes through the ENERGY STAR Star Homes Online Submission Tool

    Within the report, Providers will specify:

    • State
    • City
    • Builder name
    • Rater name (if different from Provider)IAP Label
    • Developer or Plant name (if applicable)
    • Verification date
    • Home Type
    • Number of homes that earned the ENERGY STAR label.
    • Number of homes that earned the Indoor airPLUS label.

    Blank label stickers can be ordered through HOST for both Indoor airPLUS and ENERGY STAR once the home reports are submitted. An Indoor airPLUS label printing tool is available for Providers to customize and print sticker labels, certificates and homebuyer letters.

    If you are not currently an ENERGY STAR and/or Indoor airPLUS partner or have questions about the reporting process, please contact Indoor airPLUS (

  6. Help clients market Indoor airPLUS qualified homes

    Help clients market their Indoor airPLUS qualified homes. Builders can use the Indoor airPLUS logo in ads along with appropriate text, per the Indoor airPLUS Promotional Guidelines.