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Reporting a Violation of Lead Paint Rules in New England

EPA Region 1/New England will follow up on tips and complaints from the public regarding violations of laws that require people to be informed of potential lead-based paint hazards when they buy, rent or hire contractors to renovate a home or child-occupied facility. Exposure to lead paint is a serious health concern, especially for young children.

To report a violation of federal lead-based paint rules, follow these easy steps:

Residential Property Renovation Requirements - Renovation, Repair and Painting (RRP) Rule - Firms and renovators that are paid to perform RRP projects that disturb lead-based paint in homes or child-occupied facilities (such as child care centers and schools) built before 1978 must follow the requirements in the RRP Rule. To report firms and renovators that are not following lead-safe work practices, did not notify property owners or occupants about potential lead-based paint hazards or are not Lead-Safe Certified Firms and/or Lead-Safe Renovators, you may:

Disclosure Rule - Home sellers and landlords of residential property built before 1978 must provide certain important information about lead paint before a prospective buyer or tenant is obligated under a contract to purchase or rent the property. To report a property owner/property manager who did not notify prospective purchasers or tenants of residential property about potential lead-based paint hazards, you may:

For more information about Lead:

All questions, tips or complaints about lead in drinking water should be directed to the Safe Drinking Water Hotline.