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Elements to include in Facility Response Plan

What key elements should I include in my Facility Response Plan?

As you prepare your FRP, be sure that your plan includes the following elements: 

  • Emergency Response Action Plan (an easily accessible stand-alone section of the overall plan) including the identity of a qualified individual with the authority to implement removal actions;
  • Facility name, type, location, owner, and operator information;
  • Emergency notification, equipment, personnel, evidence that equipment and personnel are available (by contract or other approved means), and evacuation information;
  • Identification and evaluation of potential discharge hazards and previous discharges;
  • Identification of small, medium, and worst case discharge scenarios and response actions;
  • Description of discharge detection procedures and equipment;
  • Detailed implementation plans for containment and disposal;
  • Facility and response self-inspection; training, exercises, and drills; and meeting logs;
  • Diagrams of facility and surrounding layout, topography, evacuation paths, and drainage flow paths; 
  • Security measures, including fences, lighting alarms, guards, emergency cutoff valves, and locks; and
  • Response Plan cover sheet (form with basic information concerning the facility).