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Oil-filled equipment capacity less than 55 gallons

Do the revised SPCC requirements apply to electrical substations that have transformers larger than 55 gallons and a total storage of 1,320 gallons?  

An owner/operator must prepare an SPCC Plan if the facility, due to its location could reasonable be expected to discharge oil into or upon a navigable water or adjoining shorelines, is a non-transportation related facility, and the facility exceeds a threshold capacity.  For SPCC applicability, only containers of 55 gallons or greater need to be considered toward a facility's oil storage capacity (67 FR 47042, 47066; July 17, 2002).  The 55-gallon minimum capacity also applies to oil-filled operating, manufacturing, or electrical equipment, such as transformers.  Therefore, when determining if a facility meets the oil storage capacity threshold, an owner or operator must only consider oil-filled operating equipment that can contain 55 gallons or more of oil (40 CFR §112.1(d)(2)(ii)).