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Outdoor Air Quality Data

Interactive Map of Air Quality Monitors

The AirData Air Quality Monitors app is a mapping application available on the web and on mobile devices that displays monitor locations and monitor-specific information.  It also allows the querying and downloading of data daily and annual summary data.  

Map layers include:Air Data Map App

  • Monitors for all criteria pollutants (CO, Pb, NO2, Ozone, PM10, PM2.5, and SO2)
  • PM2.5 Chemical Speciation Network monitors
  • IMPROVE (Interagency Monitoring of PROtected Visual Environments) monitors
  • NATTS (National Air Toxics Trends Stations)
  • NCORE (Multipollutant Monitoring Network)
  • Nonattainment areas for all criteria pollutants
  • Tribal areas
  • Federal Class I areas (national parks and wilderness areas)

Map services are available in Google Earth, ArcGIS desktop, ArcGIS JavaScript, ArcGIS Explorer and