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Success Story: S&C Electric Company 2017 Manufacturing Private sector GSN Partner, IMEC, the Illinois Sustainable Technology Center, UIC Energy Resources Center, chemical usage, water, energy usage, painting operation, solvents, electricity costs
E3 Success Stories. [Collection].  2016     ghg, climate change, E3, manufacturing
A Facility Lighting Comparison Based on Energy Savings and Efficiency, Pollution Prevention and Life Cycle Assessment 2016 Manufacturing Private sector Energy Assessment Spreadsheet, EAS, Pollution Prevention tool, P2 tool, GaBi 6, CFL, LED, University of Toledo, GHG
Optimizing CIP to Save Money and Reduce Waste (PDF) (2 pp, 491.6 K, About PDF) 2016 Food Private Sector Cleaning in place, energy, dairy, cheese
Brewers Association Releases 2015 Benchmarking Report and Sustainability Benchmarking Tools
This report provides a platform to share best practices to identify how to use water more efficiently, generate less wastewater and solid waste, decrease total energy usage and reduce greenhouse gas emission.
2016 Food Private Sector water, energy usage
Reducing water usage in food and beverage processing. 2016 Food Private sector water
How Ford, PepsiCo Plan to Slash Manufacturing Water Use. 2016 Manufacturing, Food Private sector water
Sustainable Brewing Workshop, Bellingham – A Recap 2016 Food Private sector water, energy, wastewater, waste
P2 Impact at GreenBiz.com. [Collection]. Various case studies in different sectors.  2016 P2 general Private sector P2Rx
Safer Alternatives for Solvent Degreasing Applications
A number of case studies that highlight the P2 approach of switching to aqueous and less toxic metal cleaners to reduce health risks and manufacturing costs.
2016 Manufacturing Private sector Trichloroethylene, TCE, Methyl chloroform, TCA, Dichloromethane DCM, methylene chloride
Pollution Prevention Accomplishments at Schick Manufacturing in Verona, VA.
This case study describes how Schick Manufacturing was able to report large reductions of trichloroethylene (TCE) waste generation in its 2012 Toxics Release Inventory (TRI) report.
2016 Manufacturing Private sector trichloroethylene, TCE
Waste and Opportunity 2015: Environmental Progress and Challenges in Food, Beverage, and Consumer Goods Packaging (PDF) (62 pp, 1.39 M, About PDF) 2015 Food Private sector quick service restaurants, QSRs, fast food, beverages, consumer goods grocery, packaging source reduction, recyclability, compostability, recycled content, postconsumer packaging, PET plastic, As You Sow, Natural Resources Defense Council, 
Case History: Safer, Eco-Friendly System for Food Cooling 2015 Food Private sector ammonia, propane, fluorocarbons
Merrimack Ales Tests Less Hazardous Cleaning and Sanitizing Technology 2015 Food Private sector beer, microbrewery, brewery CIP, clean in place
Merrimack Ales found alternatives to caustic sodium hyrdroxide.
2015 Food Private sector beer, catholyte solution,
Cane Creek Cycling Components Cranks with E3 2015 Manufacturing Private sector Economy, Energy and Environment, lean and green,
Beyond the Dirty Dozen: Is your local supermarket still
destroying the global climate?
2015 Food Private sector GHG, Hfc, climate change, grocery store
Auto Body Shop Improves Work Environment by Going Green (PDF) (2 pp, 2.1 M, About PDF)
TURI and University of Massachusetts, Lowell helped Mike's Auto Body to reduce employee
exposure to toxic chemicals and materials.
2015 Auto repair & maintenance Private sector paint gun, brake cleaning, wheel weights
Establishing a Byproduct Synergy Program for Reuse of Manufacturing Byproducts in Michigan 2014 Manufacturing Private sector BPS audit methodology, byproduct synergy
Conserving Resources through On‐Site Technical Assistance and Pilot Evaluations in Illinois 2014 Manufacturing Private sector Illinois Sustainable Technology Center, ISTC, Illinois Conservation of Resources and Energy, ICORE, water, waste water treatment plants, conserve water, energy, minimize wastewater generation, greenhouse gas emissions, lighting upgrade
Using the Economy, Energy, and Environment (E3) Approach in Michigan 2014 Manufacturing Private sector Michigan Department of Environmental Quality, MDEQ, conserve energy, water, reduce waste, Economy, Energy and Environment, E3
Conserving Resources through On-Site Technical Assistance in Ohio 2014 Manufacturing Private sector ISTC, Illinois Manufacturing Excellence Center, IMEC, Commonwealth Edison Company, Nicor Gas,Chicago Waste-to-Profit Network, byproduct synergy, BPS, green supplier network, GSN, lighting, compressed air, water, waste water, waste heat, and variable frequency drives for motors
Using Waste-to-Profit and Economy, Energy, and Environment (E3) models to Conserve Resources and Energy in Illinois 2014 Manufacturing Private sector University of Toledo, Ohio Edison Centers, Ohio Statewide Environmental Network, OSEN, water conservation, energy conservation, wastewater greenhouse gas emissions
Preliminary Feasibility Assessment of Integrating CCHP with NW Food Processing Plant #1: Modeling Documentation (PDF) (48 pp, 2.14 M, About PDF) 2014 Food Private sector combined cooling, heating and electric power, hfc, ghg, climate
Aevitas Specialty Services Corporation - Detroit Facility 2014 Update: Conserving Water and Energy in the Industrial Oil Recovery Process 2014 Manufacturing Private sector E3, Economy, Energy & Environment,natural gas, industrial lubricant
American Standard Circuits: E3 Success Story (PDF) (2 pp, 284 K, About PDF) 2014 Manufacturing Private sector printed circuit board, PCB, flex, rigid‐flex, RF/microwave, metal‐backed PCB,
Blue Ridge Fiberboard Participates in Regional E3 (Economy, Energy, Environment) Project 2014 Manufacturing Private sector reconstituted wood products,Danville, Virginia, Celotex, Structodek, roofing insulation board, SoundStop, SturdyBrace, structural wall sheathing, VersaKor
E3 Success Story: GKN Land Systems (PDF) (2 pp, 660 K, About PDF) 2014 Manufacturing Private sector natural gas, water efficiency, paper use reduction, CO2 emissions, motor vehicle parts, drive shaft, clutch, agricultural, military, marine vehicles, air compressor efficiency, lighting retrofit, HVAC, DuPage, Illinois
Roanoke Cement Company: Virginia Pollution Prevention Case Study (PDF) (6 pp, 106 K, About PDF) 2014 Manufacturing Private sector GHG, climate change, watershed
C.O.W. Industries 2014 Manufacturing Private sector Central Ohio Welding, American Electric Power, specialty retail, telecommunications, energy sector, TechSolve
E3 Success Story - Kennametal, Inc. Chilhowie, VA 2014 Manufacturing Private sector Manufacturing Technology Center, MTC, Economy, Energy and Environment, E3, E3 Technical Assessment, energy usage, process flow, Environmental, Health and Safety, EHS, water usage, lighting
Local Program Helps Alabama Manufacturers Add Jobs, Reduce Waste and Increase Profits - ZF Industries 2014 Manufacturing Private sector reducing waste, Energy Department, State Energy Program, SEP, Department of Labor, USDA, Small Business Administration, National Institute of Standards and Technology’s Manufacturing Extension Partnership, Alabama Technology Network, Alabama Department of Economic and Community Affairs, energy assessments, lean assessments, AlabamaSAVES, Electricfil Corporation, ZF Industries, Elkmont, AL
Energy Reduction from Improved Pipeline Insulation
A reduction in the combustion of natural gas will directly result in the reduction of air emissions. Natural gas fired heaters maintain the temperature of asphalt product pumped from supply barges on the Niagara River to tanks on NOCO’s site, Grand Island Boulevard in Tonawanda.
2014 Manufacturing Private sector NOCO Energy, Tonawanda Intermodal Terminal, petroleum products, asphalt, heavy oils, distillate, gasoline, bio-fuels, vessel loading, vessel unloading, pipeline receipt, rail tank car loading, rail tank car unloading, tank truck weighing, Energy & Environment, E2, energy savings, natural gas usage, air emissions
VigorOx® WWT II Performance Evaluation - PeroxyChem (formerly FMC) - Potsdam, New York (PDF) (1 pp, 259 K, About PDF) 2014 Manufacturing Private sector hydrogen peroxide, persulfates, peracetic acid, PAA, wastewater disinfection, acetic acid, vinegar, chlorine bleach, wastewater treatment plant, NYSP2I, Green Technology Accelerator Center, ultraviolet disinfection, UV, lamp fouling
Economy, Energy & Environment (E3) Pilot Project – St. Marys Carbon Company 2014 Manufacturing Private sector carbon graphite, electro-graphite, resin bonded graphite, metal graphite, automotive, industrial brushes, electrical contacts, current collector shoes, energy efficiency, PennTAP, PADEP, NWIRC, MEP IRC network, vane radius grinder, edge grinder, bake patterns, saggers, thermocouples, scheduling software, product flow
E3 Success Story - Reducing Wolverine's Cost, Power Demand, and Carbon Footprint: Wolverine Advanced Materials 2014 Manufacturing Private sector polymer-coated materials, gasket, sealing materials, energy efficiency, production efficiency, Manufacturing Technology Center, MTC, Economy, Energy and Environment, Virginia, American Electric Power, lean, Lean and Green, value steam mapping, VSM, energy usage, process flow
Assessment of Alternative Coatings for Improved Electrode Longevity and Toxic Metal Elimination - PeroxyChem (formerly FMC) - Tonawanda, New York (PDF) (1 pp, 234 K, About PDF) 2014 Manufacturing Private sector hydrogen peroxide, peracetic acid, persulfates, electrode material, toxic metal, alternative metal, alternative coating material, toxic materials, toxic hazardous waste
Economy, Energy & Environment (E3) Pilot Project – Keystone Powdered Metal Co. (PDF) (2 pp, 291 K, About PDF) 2013 Manufacturing Private sector powdered metal industry, P/M, energy efficiency, carbon footprint, greenhouse gas reduction, Ford Motor, Chrysler, PennTAP, PADEP, Economy, Energy and Environment, E3, NWIRC, PA MEP IRC, lean
SPX Cooling Technologies, Inc. (PDF) (2 pp, 412 K, About PDF) 2013 Manufacturing Private sector cooling towers, air-cooled condensers, HVAC, refrigeration
ABB Implements E3 (Economy, Energy, Environment) Improvements in Their Bland, Virginia Facility 2013 Manufacturing Private sector energy efficiency, waste stream, VA
Advance Industrial Manufacturing 2013 Manufacturing Private sector metal fabrication, E3, Economy, Energy & Environment
E3 Success Story - Transforming and Promoting Sustainable Manufacturing in Alabama 2013 State Public sector automotive manufacturing sector, E3, Economy, Energy & Environment, Alabama Technology Network (ATN), Alabama Industrial Assessment Center (AIAC), Alabama Department of Economic and Community Affairs Energy Office, engineering green
American Muscle Docks and Fabrication 2013 Manufacturing Private sector marine businesses, E3, Economy, Energy & Environment energy
E3: Economy, Energy, and Environment Engagement Outcomes (17 pp, 1.63 M, About PDF) .[Collection] 2013 Manufacturing Private sector CMTC, southern California, MEP, energy efficiency
E3 Success Story - Plastic Molding Technology, Inc. 2013 Manufacturing Private sector El Paso, Texas, molded products, electronic, medical, automotive, consumer appliance industries, PMT Inc., injection molding, energy, water, solid wastes, Lean, New Mexico State University, Institute for Energy & the Environment (IEE), value stream mapping, VSM
Heath Tecna: An Approach to Market, Identify, & Implement P2 Opportunities (PDF) (13 pp, 205 K, About PDF) 2013 Manufacturing Private sector lean and green, energy use, materials use, water use, safer chemicals, value stream mapping, airplane luggage bins, airline galleys, Bellingham, WA
North Carolina E3 Experience (PDF) (17 pp, 1.63 M, About PDF) 2013 Manufacturing Private sector NCSU Industrial Extension Service, NC MEP, energy savings
Driving Adoption of Innovative Solutions: Gay Lea Foods Facility (PDF) (20 pp, 1.7 M, About PDF) 2013 Food Private sector dairy processing, water, wastewater
E3 Success Story - Fort George Brewery and Public House 2013 Manufacturing Private sector Pacific Northwest Pollution Prevention Resource Center, water efficiency, energy efficiency, keg
Success Story: Elkay Manufacturing,Water Cooler Facility 2012 Manufacturing Private sector drinking fountains, water coolers, process flow, energy efficiency
Ann’s House Goes Nuts for E3 2012 Food Private sector Green Suppliers Network
E3 Success Story - Intertape Polymer Group/Danville, VA 2012 Manufacturing Private sector packaging industry, packaging products, pressure sensitive tape, water-activated tape, carton-sealing tape, masking tape, filament tape, flat back tape, cloth tape, duct tape, double-coated tape,high performance specialty tape, electrical tape, automotive tape, HVAC tape, shrink film, stretch film, carton-sealing equipment, ink jet printing, systems and labeling systems, bioriented polypropylene film extrusion, BOPP, adhesive coating, GENEDGE, IPG, energy, water, CO2, hazardous waste reduction
Kindred Healthcare, Inc. (PDF) (2 pp, 984 K, About PDF) 2011 Healthcare Private sector GHG, climate change, 
E3 Success Story - Tonawanda and E3: Partnership for a Brighter Future 2011 Green Community State/Local Niagara River, benzene, Economy, Energy, Environment, manufacturers, community leaders, local stakeholder organizations, state agencies, federal agencies, New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, NYDEC, US EPA Region 2,
E3 Success Story - Advancing Performance in Sustainability and Workforce Development: North Carolina State University Industrial Extension Service 2011 Manufacturing Private sector North Carolina State University Industrial Extension Service, National Institute of Standards and Technology Manufacturing Extension Partnership, NIST MEP, Economy, Energy and the Environment), sustainability, North Carolina State University IES, NC State University Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering Department's Industrial Assessment Center, NC Department of Environment and Natural Resources, NC Department of Labor, the State Energy Office, Small Business Technology Development Center, Duke Energy, Progress Energy, Waste Reduction Partners, and the NC Rural Economic Development Center, Blue Ridge Electric Cooperative
E3 Success Story - Continuing Success in San Antonio, TX 2011 Manufacturing Private sector Texas Manufacturing Assistance Center, TMAC, energy efficiency, Region 6
E3 Success Story - Southern Folger Unlocks the Tools to Energy Management 2011 Manufacturing Private sector detention equipment, security equipment, justice facilities, security applications, lean practices, energy conservation, and pollution prevention, TMAC, Lean Clean Energy review, CPS Energy, Green Supplier Network, Department of Energy’s Save Energy Now, energy savings
E3 Program Benefiting Alexander City Firm's Bottom Line 2011 Manufacturing Private sector Economy, Energy, Environment, wiring harness, bus, heavy equipment, defense industry
Dulin Metals Co., E3 Success Story (PDF) (2 pp, 647 K, About PDF) 2011 Manufacturing Private sector nonferrous metal scrap, dry corncob grit, energy efficiency, compressed air, Economy, Energy and Environment
E3 Success Story - Seeing E3's Benefits: Metso Power 2010 Manufacturing Private sector tube shield, plate work fabrication, machining, West Virginia Division of Energy, the West Virginia Manufacturing Extension Partnership, WVMEP, energy audit, environmental assessment, carbon footprint calculation, lean manufacturing assessment, Industrial Assessment Center, West Virginia University, lighting efficiency, scrap, rework, cut work, lean manufacturing
E3 Success Story - Accelerating Adoption of E3 Recommendations 2010 Manufacturing Private sector E3 Michigan, DTE Energy, Consumers Energy, Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center, MMTC, University of Michigan Industrial Assessment Center, UM-IAC, Michigan Department of Environmental Quality, MDEQ, Michigan Small Business Administration, Southeast Michigan Community Alliance, E3 Student Internship Program, Retired Engineer Technical Assistance Program, E3 Internship Program, WasteWise Re-TRAC, P2 GHG Calculator, P2 Cost Savings Calculator
E3 Success Story - Making an Investment in the Company: C.U.E. 2010 Manufacturing Private sector Mount Hope, WV, molded polyurethane, cast urethane, mining, packaging, transportation, electricity management, lighting systems, compressed air, HVAC, production equipment, ovens
DTE Energy and Goodwill’s Green Works, Inc.- A Sustainable Model for Community and Environment: Case Study (PDF) (3 pp, 169 K, About PDF) 2010 Manufacturing Private sector Goodwill Industries, energy efficiency, material recovery, Economy, Energy, and Environment, E3
E3 Success Story - San Antonio E3 Case Study: UEMC “Now Hiring” 2009 Manufacturing Private sector sewing, screen printing, textile, body armor, aircraft components, Economy, Energy and Environment, Lean-Clean-Energy, compressed air, efficient lighting, fluorescent lighting,
E3 Success Story - Piloting E3 on the Ground in Columbus, Ohio: American Electric Power 2009 Manufacturing Private sector Solid Waste Authority of Central Ohio, SWACO, TechSolve, University of Dayton Industrial Assessment Center, waste reduction, energy efficiency
E3 Success Story - Reducing Electrical Demand in San Antonio, TX - CPS Energy 2009 Manufacturing Public sector municipally-owned electric utility, Texas Manufacturing Assistance Center, TMAC, Southwest Research Institute, energy
E3 Success Story - Working Together: E3 Ohio and the Ohio By-Product Synergy Network 2009 Manufacturing Private sector greenhouse gas, GHG, energy efficiency, material efficiency, Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission, MORPC, Ohio By-Product Synergy Network, BPS Network.
E3 Success Story - San Antonio Lighthouse for the Blind 2009 Manufacturing Private sector Texas Manufacturing Assistance Center, Economy, Energy and Environment, Lean-Clean-Energy, energy efficient lighting, compressed air usage, HVAC controls, military uniforms, helmet chin straps, oil test kits, writing instruments
E3 Success Story - Southwest Virginia: Economy, Energy and the Environment 2009 Manufacturing Private sector Manufacturing Technology Center, MTC, GENEDGE Alliance, NIST MEP, Economy, Energy and the Environment, sustainable manufacturing, energy consumption; carbon footprint reduction, prevent pollution
E3 Success Story - Examining Inefficiencies Facility-wide: Triad Manufacturing 2008 Manufacturing Private sector Missouri Enterprise, NIST MEP, retail store fixtures, displays, Best Buy, Target, Banana Republic, Home Depot, Pacific Sunwear, Manufacturing Extension Partnership, Green Suppliers Network, GSN, value stream maps, energy efficiency, recycling of byproducts, capturing waste heat, drying ovens, compressed air system, powder coating,
Schroeder Milk Saves $400,000 through Product Savings and Water Conservation 2008 Food Private sector dairy, wastewater, water
Supermom's Saves $235, 000 Yearly by Reducing Waste. 2008 Food Private sector wastewater, bakery, water
E3 Success Story - Path Toward Sustainability Leads to Significant Water Savings: Southwire 2008 Manufacturing Private sector utility wire, cable products, water use, Utility Products Plant, Carrollton, Georgia, Pacific Gas and Electric, PG&E, Green Suppliers Network, GSN, lean manufacturing, Georgia Tech Enterprise Innovation Institute, Pollution Prevention Assistance Division, Georgia Department of Natural Resources, Georgia Tech Enterprise Innovation Institute, water-looping system, filtration system, water reuse
E3 Success Story - Getting Insight Into Our Organization and Processes at Beachley Furniture Co., Inc. 2008 Manufacturing Private sector upholstered, Hagerstown, MD, lean and green, cellular manufacturing
E3 Success Story - Whirlpool Trains Staff on Lean and Green Advantage 2007 Manufacturing Private sector home appliances, Green Suppliers Network, Texas Manufacturing Assistance Center, CONNSTEP, Inc., Monterrey, Mexico, Lean and Green Advantage, waste prevention, lean ergonomics, stamping, welding, surface coating, assembly process lines, value stream maps
The Food Processing Residual Management Manual. [Collection].  2007 Food Private sector dairy processing, meat processing, bean, grain, vegetable
E3 Success Story - Taking Small Bites Out of an Elephant: Rapid-Line Inc. 2007 Manufacturing Private sector Grand Rapids, MI, metal fabrication, tooling shop, office furniture, automotive, engineering, laser cutting, powder coating, machining, stamping, Green Suppliers Network, GSN, Steelcase Inc., natural gas, powder coat curing oven, rack burn-off oven
E3 Success Story - Improving Existing Processes, Grand Rapids Controls, LLC 2007 Manufacturing Private sector Rockford, Michigan, cable manufacturer, motion control systems, The Right Place, Inc., MMTC-West, GSN, Green Supplier Network, scheduling, manufacturing, environmental systems, minimize scrap, reduce inventory, energy efficiency, water efficiency, value stream mapping
E3 Success Story -Reducing Rework With the Lean and Green Advantage: Metal Finishing Technologies, Inc 2007 Manufacturing Private sector metal plated products, aerospace, automotive, elec­tronic, hardware, marine, medical, metal stamping, telecom­munication sector, Forestville, Connecticut, CT, Chrysler, Ford, General Electric, General Motors, Pratt & Whitney, Department of Defense, DoD, zinc plating, Green Suppliers Network, GSN, Lean and Green, water, energy, hazardous chemical, hazardous waste
E3 Success Story - Holding Lean and Green Assessment Instead of Kaizen Event: Sermatech Connecticut 2006 Manufacturing Private sector Green Suppliers Network Partner, GSN, protective coatings, aerospace industry, lean and green, waste minimization
E3 Success Story - Sparking Powerful Change Through the Green Suppliers Network: Byrne Electrical Specialists, Inc. 2005 Manufacturing Private sector power distribution harness, office furniture, Green Suppliers Network,thermoplastic polymers, waste reduction, cradle-to-cradle
E3 Success Story - Recovering Profit Margin: Lehigh Press Puerto Rico 2005 Manufacturing Private sector Juncos, inserts, labels, healthcare, food,  general consumer, Latin America, Green Supply Network, GSN, PRiMEX, MEP, Lean and Clean, environmental wastes, energy utilization, value stream mapping
Buying Green Online: Greening Government E-Procurement of Office Supplies. EPA-742-R-04-001.
Provides an overview of recent federal government office supply e-procurement initiatives, includes references to specific products and technologies.
2004 Green purchasing Federal Executive Order, E.O. 13101, Federal Acquisition Regulation, FAR, Environmentally Preferable Purchasing, EPP, greener products, E.O. 13101 Interagency Advisory Group, EOIAG, Procurement Executives Council, PEC
H&L Advantage 2004 Manufacturing Private sector Green Suppliers Network, GSN, lean and green, injection molding, manufacturer, Grandville, Michigan
Har-Conn Chrome Company 2004 Manufacturing Private sector metal-finishing, aerospace, electroplating, coatings, E3, Green Suppliers Network, CONNSTEP, Connecticut MEP, lean and green, value stream mapping, energy audit, rinse water flow controls
EPA's Green Future for Laboratories: A Case Study of the Kansas City Science & Technology Center EPA-200-F-03-001. 2003 Green building State/Local Region 7, laboratory, Kansas City Science & Technology Center, KCSTC, Gold Level, Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, LEED, water conservation, energy efficiency, resource conservation, CFC, indoor air quality, Sustainable Forestry practices
Building Owners Save Money, Save the Earth: Replace Your CFC Air Conditioning Chiller. EPA-430-F-02-026.  2002 Green building State/Local chlorofluorocarbon, ammonia
The Greening Curve: Lessons Learned in the Design of the New EPA Campus in North Carolina. EPA-220-K-02-001. 2001 Green building Federal Research Triangle Park, RTP, landscape
Enhancing Supply Chain Performance with Environmental Cost Information: Examples from Commonwealth Edison, Andersen Corporation, and Ashland Chemical. EPA-742-R-00-002.  2000 Supply chain Collection environmental accounting
Selling Environmental Products to the Government: Your Map to the Federal Marketplace. EPA-742-K-97-002. 2000 Green purchasing Federal environmentally preferable purchasing, EPP, SBA, small business, 
Federal Pioneers: Environmentally Preferable Purchasing Success Stories from the Federal Government. EPA-742-F-00-008. 2000 Green purchasing Federal small business
Cleaning National Parks: Using Environmentally Preferable Janitorial Products at Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks. EPA-908-R-00-001. 2000 Green purchasing Federal EPP
State and Local Government Pioneers: How State and Local Governments Are Implementing Environmentally Preferable Purchasing Practices . EPA-742-R-00-004.  2000 Green purchasing State/Local EPP
Liquid Assets for Your Dairy Plant - Pollution Prevention Pays in Food Processing (PDF) (4 pp, 655 K, About PDF) 2000 Food Private sector  
Guide to Energy Efficiency Opportunities in the Dairy Processing Industry (PDF) (xx pp, yy K, About PDF) 2000 Food Private sector  
Private Sector Pioneers: How Companies are Incorporating Environmentally Preferable Purchasing. EPA-742-R-99-001. 1999 Green purchasing Private sector EPP
Painting the Town Green: Aberdeen Proving Ground's Paint Pilot Project. EPA-742-R-99-005. 1999 Green building Federal Environmentally Preferable Purchasing, EPP, VOC 
Defending the Environment at the Department of Defense: Using Environmentally Preferable Purchasing Procedures to Maintain the Pentagon and Other DOD Facilities. EPA-742-R-99-002. 1999 Green purchasing Federal EPP
The City of Santa Monica's Environmental Purchasing: A Case Study. EPA-742-R-98-001. 1998   State/Local EPP
Pathway to Product Stewardship: Life Cycle Design as a Business Decision Support Tool. EPA-742-R-97-008. 1997     IBM Corporation, Bristol-Myers Squibb Company, Armstrong World Industries
Leading By Example: Two Case Studies Documenting How the EPA Incorporated Environmental Features into New Buildings. EPA-742-R-97-006. 1997 Green building Federal Environmentally Preferable Purchasing, EPP, Design for the Environment, DfE, VOC
Dairy Processing Methods to Reduce Water Use and Liquid Waste Load (PDF) (6 pp, 45.1 K, About PDF) .  1997 Food Private sector COD, BOD5
Water and Wastewater Management in a Dairy Processing Plant (PDF) (5 pp, 17.4 K, About PDF). 1996 Food Private sector dairy processing
Using COD to Measure Lost Product Pollution Prevention Pays in Food Processing (PDF) (7 pp, 313 K, About PDF). 1987
(c ~)
Food Private sector Chemical oxygen demand, COD, biochemical oxygen demand, BOD5, dairy, 
Detailed Plans for the Reduction in Waste Load from a Dairy and Ice Cream Plant (PDF) (33 pp, 1.2 M, About PDF). 1987 Food Private sector dairy processing, wastewater
Water and Wastewater Management in Food Processing (PDF) (189 pp, 1.5 M, About PDF) .[Collection] 1979 Food Private sector dairy processing

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