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Radiation Protection

CAP-88 PC Version 4 Training

The CAP-88 (Clean Air Act Assessment Package - 1988) computer model is a set of computer programs, databases and associated utility programs for estimating dose and riskHelpriskThe probability of injury, disease or death from exposure to a hazard. Radiation risk may refer to all excess cancers caused by radiation exposure (incidence risk ) or only excess fatal cancers (mortality risk). Risk may be expressed as a percent, a fraction, or a decimal value. For example, a 1% excess risk of cancer incidence is the same as a 1 in a hundred (1/100) risk or a risk of 0.01. from radionuclideHelpradionuclideRadioactive forms of elements are called radionuclides. Radium-226, Cesium-137, and Strontium-90 are examples of radionuclides. emissions to air. It is used as a regulatory compliance tool by EPA under the National Emissions Standard for Hazardous Air Pollutants (NESHAP). Learn more about Radiation Regulations and Laws.

In Version 4, users will find three significant changes:

  • Age-dependent radionuclide dose and risk factors for ingestion and inhalation.
  • Additional radionuclides.
  • Changes in the file management system.

Course topics:

  • Course 1: Introduction to CAP88-PC Version 4

    Intended Audience: New Users, Experienced User Refresher

    • Introduction and Background (Module 1.1)
      • Purpose of CAP88 (What does it do?).
      • History of CAP88.
      • Limitations of CAP88 (What does not do?).
    • Model, Methods, and Equations (Module 1.2)
      • Air Transport of Radionuclides.
      • Calculation of Radionuclide Concentrations in Media.
      • Calculation of Dose and Risk to Individual Receptors.
      • Calculation of Dose and Risk to Populations.
    • Downloading, Installing, and Running CAP88 (Module 1.3)
      • Downloading CAP88.
      • Installing CAP88.
      • Running CAP88.
    • Summary (Module 1.4)
  • Course 2: CAP88-PC Version 4 Advanced Topics

    Intended Audience: Experienced Users

    • Introduction and Background (Module 2.1)
    • Changes in Version 4 (Module 2.2)
      • New File Structures.
      • Changes in the Model and Methods.
    • Limitations of Version 4 (Module 2.3)
    • Interpreting and Using Output Reports and Error Logs (Module 2.4)
      • Output Reports.
      • Error Logs.
    • Modifying Inputs and Input Files (Module 2.5)
      • Output Reports.
    • Summary (Module 2.66)
Individual modules are available for download in PDF format below.
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