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Integrated Water Analysis Tools

Integrated water analysis tools offer a wide spectrum of valuable information into a single interface.These tools pull and interpret data from different water databases in order to provide more meaningful data. A few of these tools are applications that are geared for the public. The other tools are for users with a thorough background and technical knowledge.


The Assessment, Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) Tracking and Implementation System (ATTAINS) is an online system for accessing information about the conditions in the Nation’s surface waters.


The Ask WATERS application offers a query tool for collecting various data from the WATERS database. There are two kinds of queries available, simple and expert, which answer frequently asked questions about WATERS data.

HAWQS (Hydrologic and Water Quality System)

HAWQS is a water quantity and quality modeling system that evaluates the impacts of management alternatives, pollution control scenarios and climate change scenarios

How's My Waterway

The user-friendly How's My Waterway application shows conditions of local streams, lakes and other waters anywhere in the U.S. 

NHDPlus (National Hydrography Dataset Plus)

The NHDPlus framework provides comprehensive data about surface water and water quality.


The WATERS (Watershed Assessment, Tracking & Environmental Results System) framework unites water quality information from various unconnected database systems.

WATERS GeoViewer

WATERS GeoViewer is a web mapping application which allows users to view data and execute web services provided by the US EPA Office of Water’s Watershed Assessment, Tracking & Environmental Results System (WATERS).

Water Quality Framework

The Water Quality Framework streamlines water quality assessment and reporting by integrating existing systems.