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Benefits Mapping and Analysis Program (BenMAP)

BenMAP Community Edition

BenMAP-Community Edition 1.5 (April 2021) - This is the current version of the BenMAP-CE software. 


BenMAP contains U.S. population data matched to a variety of commonly used air quality grids. However, users wishing to run an analysis based on an air quality grid not already defined in BenMAP may need to import a new population file matched to that grid definition. The  PopGrid program (zip file)(943 MB)  allocates the 2010 block-level U.S. Census population to a user-defined grid, creating a population file ready for importation to BenMAP. 

Program Source Code and Documentation 

  • Are you interested in accessing the BenMAP-CE source code, or learning more about the algorithms the program uses to quantify risks and estimate economic values? You can access the source code on GitHub by following this link
  • The user manual and appendices can be found on this page.
  • Release notes and known issues can be found below.
  • A memorandum documenting in detail the demographic and economic input parameters that the team updated in version 1.3 can be found below.
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