Hunt Refining Company and Hunt Southland Refining Company Settlement

The Hunt Refining Co. and Hunt Southland Refining Co. have agreed to pay a $400,000 civil penalty and spend more than $48.5 million for new and upgraded pollution controls at three refineries, the Justice Department and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency announced.

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Geography: Three refineries:

  • Tuscaloosa, Alabama
  • Sandersville, Mississippi
  • Lumberton, Mississippi

Industry Capacity:

  • Approximately 70,000 thousand barrels of oil/day
  • Under 1 percent of U.S. domestic refining capacity

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Emissions Reductions:

  • Nitrogen oxide (NOx) reduced by about 150 tons per year
  • Sulfur dioxide (SO2) reduced by about 1,100 tons per year

Injunctive Relief:

  • More than $48 million will have been spent on injunctive relief through 2011
  • Commitment to reduce the number and severity of major flaring events
  • Commitment to implement enhanced procedures to reduce benzene emissions and volatile organic compound leaks from valves and other equipment at all facilities

Penalty: $400,000 (includes $200,000 to be paid to participating state partners)

Supplemental Environmental Projects: $475,000

• $95,000 community-based SEP near the Tuscaloosa and Sandersville Refineries, including emergency preparedness, training and equipment for fire, rescue and hazardous materials community responders in Vicksburg, Mississippi and Choctaw County, Alabama.

• $380,000 for additional reductions of volatile organic emissions from refinery wastewater systems.

State Partners: Alabama and Mississippi

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For more information, contact:

Patrick W. Foley
Senior Environmental Engineer
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (2242A)
1200 Pennsylvania Ave., N.W.
Washington, DC 20460-0001
(202) 564-7978