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Greening EPA

Science and Technology Center Region 7 Laboratory

Photo of EPA’s Science and Technology Center in Kansas City, Kansas.

71,955 gross square feet (GSF)

Energy Intensity:
FY 2020: 220,277 Btu per GSF
14.8% reduction from FY 2003

Water Intensity:
FY 2020: 36.52 gallons per GSF
16.6% reduction from FY 2007

Kansas City, Kansas

The Science and Technology Center houses the laboratory for EPA Region 7.

Sustainable Features

  • The Science and Technology Center received LEED® Gold for New Construction (version 2.0) certification in August 2003.
  • The solicitation for offers (SFO) for the Region 7 Laboratory included green language to ensure that the facility and all its construction features promote energy efficiency and environmentally preferable materials and design.
  • A unique graywater reuse system collects rainwater from the roof, air handler condensate discharge and a reverse osmosis system that generates pure water for laboratory experiments. The graywater is used to flush toilets and as cooling tower makeup water.

For more information, visit the Region 7 Laboratory website, read Sustainable Facilities at EPA: Science and Technology Center, Kansas City, Kansas or the EPA Facility Contact List.