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Sampling Guidance Documents for the SW-846 Compendium

EPA developed a comprehensive program under Subtitle C of the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA), which ensures that hazardous waste is correctly identified and managed safely from the moment it is generated until it is finally disposed.

The following documents and Web pages provide guidance on collecting and preserving samples:

This sampling guidance was proposed as a replacement for the current sampling guidance in Chapter Nine of SW-846. The Agency received public comments, which are still under review and consideration. This guidance focuses on determining if:

- A solid waste exhibits any of the characteristics of a hazardous waste
- A hazardous waste is prohibited from land disposal
- A numeric treatment standard has been met

​Please note that the guidance does not provide detailed information on air emissions testing or ground-water monitoring under RCRA.

​This guidance document assists generators of ash from municipal waste combustion facilities in determining whether or not their ash is hazardous under the RCRA Toxicity Characteristic regulation.