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Indoor airPLUS

How do I verify a home to earn the Indoor airPLUS label?

The Indoor airPLUS verification process is similar to that of the ENERGY STAR Certified Homes process. The Indoor airPLUS verification is designed to be conducted by the same certified Home Energy Rater during the same inspections that are conducted for ENERGY STAR certification. The Home Energy Rater verifies that the Indoor airPLUS program requirements are met using the Indoor airPLUS Verification Checklist. Any Item on the checklist that has both a builder and a Home Energy Rater verification box may be verified by either party. However, many Items on the Indoor airPLUS Verification Checklist must be verified by the Rater.
Once the Verification Checklist is complete and both the Rater and the builder have signed it, the Rater puts the Indoor airPLUS label on the breaker box near the ENERGY STAR label. The Rater should then file the completed Indoor airPLUS Verification Checklists for all qualified homes, according to their Provider's requirements.