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Renovation, Repair and Painting Rule Model Training Courses

EPA has developed four training courses to provide instruction to individuals seeking certification as a renovator or dust sampling technician.  Training providers that chose to use the EPA model e-learning course must incorporate the model course into a learning management system.

Electronic-Learning Format Renovation, Repair and Painting Rule Model Training Courses

EPA has also developed electronic-learning (e-learning) model courses for the Initial Renovator, Refresher Renovator and Lead Dust Sampling Technician courses. Training providers may develop their own e-learning refresher courses and submit the alternative course with their application for review. All applicants must include a Quality Control (QC) plan. The QC plan must also include an Internet Web address where the E-learning course content can be reviewed and audited. The QC plan must include the Web address and a user name and password that EPA can use to access the course that the trainer has developed whether using their own curriculum or using the EPA E-learning curriculum. EPA cannot process or review applications that do not include a web address at which the course can be reviewed. The QC plan Requirements are specified here: Electronic-Learning Course Component Specifications (PDF) .

EPA Model E-Learning Courses

Request a copy of the following model E-Learning Curriculum(s).

  • Renovator Electronic-Learning Model Course
  • Refresher Renovator Electronic-Learning Course
  • Lead Dust Sampling Technician Initial Course

Expedited Approval Process for E-Learning for Certain Training Providers

EPA has developed an expedited process for training providers with an existing EPA accreditation to teach the initial or refresher renovator RRP course. This process allows accredited trainers to amend their accreditations in order to offer an electronic learning (e-learning) course component that has already been reviewed by EPA. A list of organizations with previously reviewed courses appears below. Through this process, EPA will issue to the training provider a separate accreditation number specifying that the provider is accredited for e-learning. The expedited process may not be used by training providers to make other changes to their accreditation, e.g., it does not allow for changes to student-to-teacher ratio, facility information, permanent location vs. traveling trainer location, etc. To make these changes, please contact the appropriate regional lead coordinator. Learn more.

E-Learning Courses from the Following Organizations Have Been Previously Reviewed by EPA

Please note: Although the courses created by these organizations have been reviewed by EPA, an accredited training provider MUST apply through the expedited review process specified above in order to become accredited to teach any of these courses.

  • Renovator Initial and Refresher E-Learning Curriculum
    • Oregon Homebuilders Association
    • Protech Training and Consulting
    • Environmental Education Associates, Inc.

Lead-Based Paint Abatement Training

EPA has developed the following training courses to provide instruction regarding the sampling/evaluation and abatement of lead-based paint and lead-based paint hazards. For your convenience the worker course is available online in Spanish and English.