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Landfill Methane Outreach Program (LMOP)

Landfill Methane Outreach Program Webinars and Events

LMOP Presentations at Non-EPA Events

View presentations LMOP has recently given at various events.

Proceedings for Other EPA Events

Type Event Date
Workshop 2018 Natural Gas STAR and Methane Challenge Renewable Natural Gas Workshop 2018/10/23
Workshop Renewable Natural Gas Workshop 2017/09/26

Proceedings for LMOP Events

Please contact the speaker for permission to reuse materials in these presentations.

Type Event Date
Webinar LMOP Webinar: Case Study of University of California Renewable Natural Gas Projects 2021/01/27
Webinar LMOP Webinar: Landfill Gas Control System Best Practices 2020/11/04
Panel LMOP Special Sessions (2020) 2020/06/25
Webinar LMOP Partner Webinar: 2019 Partner Reporting in e-GGRT 2019/08/29
Panel LMOP Special Sessions (2019) 2019/02/27
Webinar LMOP Webinar: Renewable Natural Gas from LFG and Sustainability at L’Oréal 2018/12/12
Webinar LMOP Partner Webinar: Introduction to the LMOP Module in e-GGRT 2018/08/07
Webinar EPA LMOP & Natural Gas STAR Webinar: Landfill Gas to Pipeline Renewable Natural Gas Project 2018/06/14
Webinar LMOP Partner Webinar: Update on LMOP Resources & Introduction to Electronic Reporting 2018/05/31
Panel LMOP Special Session (2018) 2018/03/06
Webinar Wellfield Operations and Technologies for Upgrading Landfill Gas 2017/11/16
Webinar Upgrading Landfill Gas for Pipeline Gas and Vehicle Fuel 2017/05/23
Panel LMOP Special Session (2017) 2017/03/29
Workshop LMOP National Landfill Gas Energy Workshop (2016) 2016/04/07
Workshop LMOP National Landfill Gas Energy Workshop (2015) 2015/03/19
Webinar LFGcost-Web, Version 3.0 Webinar 2015/02/03
Webinar Using Landfill Gas as Vehicle Fuel Webinar 2014/11/13
Conference 17th Annual LMOP Conference and Project Expo 2014/01/21
Workshop Texas Landfill Gas Energy Workshop 2013/07/16
Webinar Landfill Gas Electricity Project Interconnection Webinar 2013/06/06
Conference 16th Annual LMOP Conference and Project Expo 2013/01/29
Conference 15th Annual LMOP Conference and Project Expo 2012/01/17
Workshop California Landfill Gas Energy Workshop 2011/05/16
Conference 14th Annual LMOP Conference and Project Expo 2011/01/18

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