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Report possible violations of environmental laws and regulations.

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Is your question about…

  • Commenting or reading comments on a proposed rule? If so, go directly to, and follow the online instructions for submitting comments.
  • Mercury exposures in your workplace?
    • The U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), which issues health standards in the workplace, has information on their website about OSHA standards that apply to mercury.
    • From OSHA's Contact Us page, you can report unsafe working conditions and safety and health violations.
    • The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) has adopted permissible limits for long-term and short-term exposures to mercury. You can view more information about these limits on NIOSH's pocket guides to hazards posed by mercury.
  • Recycling products that contain mercury
    • Recycling and disposing of mercury, CFLs, or other mercury-containing products? Counties and municipalities can give you guidance about how they recycle and dispose of batteries, bulbs, thermostats and other products that may contain mercury.
    • Recycling thermostats? Contact your local household hazardous waste program (see the bullet immediately above this one). If they are unable to take your thermostat, you can contact the Thermostat Recycling Corporation (TRC) Exit, which facilitates the collection by heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) wholesalers from contractors of all brands of used, wall-mounted mercury-switch thermostats so that the mercury can be purified for re-use. TRC also has a page that shows state recycling programs.  You can call 800-238-8192 to find an HVAC wholesale outlet or HVAC contractor in your area that will take the thermostat bulbs.

    • No household hazardous waste program in your county? Try contacting your state environmental agency. EPA has a list of state environmental agencies with links to their websites.

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