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Pesticide Registration

E-submission for avian reproduction studies

Current as of June 2002

Environmental Fate and Effects Studies

This guidance applies to data tables for Guidelines 72-4 A & B.

Avian reproduction data should be submitted in ASCII files that can be read by the SAS program called "Chicks". The data should be in a rectangular array with one record (i.e., row) containing data for each pen of birds. The records should contain values for 16 variables, each separated by one or more blank space. Missing values must be represented by a period (.). Order as follows:

  1. Treatment Group
  2. Eggs Laid
  3. Eggs Cracked
  4. Eggs Set
  5. Viable Embryos
  6. Live 3-Week Embryos
  7. Normal Hatchlings
  8. 14-Day-Old Survivors
  9. Egg Shell Thickness (mm)
  10. Hatchling Weight (g)
  11. 14-Day-Old Survivor Weight (g)
  12. Food Consumption (g/bird/day)
  13. Initial Male Weight (g)
  14. Final Male Weight(g)
  15. Initial Female Weight (g)
  16. Final Female Weight (g)