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Pesticide Registration

Pesticide Registration Manual: Example Transmittal Document

Transmittal Document 
Name and Address of Submitter:
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Regulatory action in support of which this package is submitted:
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Application for Registration of a Me-Too (product name) with data
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Alternate Test Material Names: (enter all alternate sample or brand names that are listed in the attached studies or accompanying info that are the same formulation as the Brand Name. Example: Efficacy Test Material RLD 523 and Product Chemistry Test Material ABC 234 is the same as Product Name.)
Transmittal Date: (enter Date)
Volume No. 1 Administrative Materials
  Transmittal Document Cover Letter
EPA Form 8570-1 Application for Pesticide Registration (3 copies)
EPA Form 8570-4 Confidential Statement of Formula (3 copies)
EPA Form 8570-27 Formulator’s Exemption Citation of Data
EPA Form 8570-34 Certification with Respect to Citation of Data 
EPA Form 8570-35 Data Matrix Product Label (3 copies)