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Renewable Fuel Standard Program

Cellulosic Waiver Credits under the Renewable Fuel Standard Program

Cellulosic fuels have not yet been produced in sufficient amounts to satisfy the volume levels listed in the Clean Air Act. The law allows EPA to reduce the required volume of cellulosic biofuel through waiver.  EPA has used this waiver provision each year since 2010.

Under this provision, EPA may reduce the volume of cellulosic RINs required by instead offering obligated parties cellulosic waiver credits (CWCs) at levels no greater than the reduced cellulosic biofuel standard. These waiver credits may be purchased at prices EPA sets using the methodology in the statute.  Credits cannot not be traded or banked for future use.  They must be used to meet the cellulosic biofuel standard for the year that they are offered.

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Cellulosic Waiver Credit Form