Vulnerable Zone Indicator System (Option 2)

Option 2: Submit Latitude/Longitude

Use this site to access the Vulnerable Zone Indicator System (VZIS). VZIS can help you determine if your area could be affected by a chemical accident at a facility that submitted a Risk Management Plan (RMP).

To use the VZIS: Enter a street address or latitude/longitude on the form fields below. You will receive our response via e-mail, so be sure to include your e-mail address in the box provided.

Find your latitude/longitude

The following website allows you to locate your latitude and longitude:

Type the latitude/longitude in decimal form (latitude = 38.762097, longitude = -76.903631) or degrees, minutes, seconds (latitude 38, 45' 43" N, longitude = 79, 54' 13" W).

Note that Internet-based address finders use various methods and data sources to determine latitude/longitude values, and so values may not reflect the address' precise global position. In addition these values may differ among websites.

Note: Fields marked with asterisks (*) are required.

If you do not have an email address, please contact the RMP Reporting Center.