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Underground Injection Control (UIC)

Underground Injection Control in Region 9 (AZ, CA, HI, NV, MP, GU)

At this time, EPA Region 9 may face delays in processing paper UIC permit applications due to precautions being taken during the current COVID-19 pandemic. If you plan on submitting a permit application for an EPA-issued permit, please refer to the Contact Information section below and contact EPA Region 9 staff via email, telephone/voicemail, or other electronic means before submitting paper documents to EPA.

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Public Notice

State-Specific Efforts

Permitting and Registration Information

Tribal UIC

Final Rulemaking for the Navajo Nation Class II Underground Injection Control Program

Contact Information

David Albright (
U.S. EPA, Region 9
Manager, Groundwater Protection Section, WTR-4-2
75 Hawthorne Street
San Francisco, CA 94105
(415) 972-3971

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Contact for EPA UIC Staff and Regional Partners in the Pacific Southwest
Area EPA Contacts State/Tribal Partnerships Contacts


Nancy Rumrill (
(415) 972-3293
Arizona Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ)

Groundwater Protection Program
(602) 771-2322 or (602) 771-4362


Deep Wells
David Albright (
(415) 972-3971

Shallow Wells
Leslie Greenberg (
(415) 972-3349

California Geologic Energy Management Divison (CalGEM)


David Albright (
(415) 972-3971
Guam Environmental Protection Agency

Water Resources Program


Large Capacity Cesspool Project

Kate Rao (
(415) 972-3533

Department of Health, Safe Drinking Water Branch

Safe Drinking Water Branch
(808) 586-4258

Department of Health, Wastewater Branch
Wastewater Branch
(808) 586-4294

Navajo Nation

Dave Basinger 
(415) 972-3506

Navajo Nation Environmental Protection Agency
Underground Injection Control Program


Leslie Greenberg (
(415) 972-3349
Nevada Division of Environmental Protection
Underground Injection Control Program

Northern Mariana Islands

David Albright (
(415) 972-3971

CNMI Bureau of Environmental and Coastal Quality


Leslie Greenberg (
(415) 972-3349

All Other Region 9 UIC Inventory Questions N/A

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