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EPA Fugitives Report Location


If you believe that you have seen a person listed as an EPA Fugitive, please use this form to report their location. Please provide as much information as possible. Asterisks ( * ) indicate required fields.

(Please be as specific as possible. Include address, city, state, country, business, cross streets, etc.)
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You are not required to provide your contact information. However, if you do not provide this information, EPA may be unable to contact you for additional information that may be needed. If you do provide contact information, this information may be used to initiate follow-up communications with you and may be shared by EPA with appropriate administrative, law enforcement, and judicial entities. Please review the EPA Web Privacy Policy for more information.
I understand that I am providing the information in this report to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, a federal agency with the authority to investigate and seek penalties for certain violations of law. I understand that any information I provide in this report must be true and accurate to the best of my knowledge. By selecting the Send Comment option, your message will been sent to EPA's Criminal Investigation Division