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Criteria used by Regional Response Teams to review emergency plans

Title III states that the Regional Response Teams (RRTs) "may" review and comment upon an emergency plan.  What criteria will the RRT use for reviewing these plans?

The National Response Team (NRT) published the Hazardous Materials Emergency Planning Guide in which Appendix D: Criteria for Assessing State and Local Preparedness contains an adaption of criteria developed by the NRT/Preparedness Committee in August 1985.  These criteria may be used for assessing local emergency plans.

The NRT developed a document that contains a set of criteria which may be used by the RRT to review local plans.  The document, Criteria for Review of Hazardous Materials Emergency Plans (NRT-1A), was approved in May 1988.  These criteria may be used by local emergency planning committees for preparing plans and also by the State emergency response commissions for reviewing the plans.