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Range Code or Specific Weight for Maximum Amount and Average Daily Amount on Tier II Form

When submitting EPCRA Section 312 Tier II reports, does the owner or operator of the facility need to enter a specific weight in pounds for the maximum amount and the average daily amount of a certain hazardous chemical present at the facility, or should the owner or operator solely enter a range code for these amounts?

EPA recognizes that the actual amount of a hazardous chemical present at a facility is the most useful information for effective planning and response by the Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC). However, EPCRA Section 312(d)(1) and (2) specifically states that the maximum amount and average daily amount can be reported in ranges and, therefore, EPA only requires the owner or operator to enter ranges for both the maximum amount and average daily amount of the hazardous chemical on Tier II inventory forms. See 40 CFR 370.43. The rage codes are also provided on the first page of the Tier II form.

The State Emergency Response Commission (SERC) or LEPC may provide other range codes for reporting maximum amounts and average daily amounts, or may require reporting of specific amounts under the state right-to-know program. The owner or operator may use the SERC's or LEPC's range code or enter specific amounts provided the ranges are not broader than those required by EPA (40 CFR 370.43(b)). (November 3, 2008, final rule (73 FR 65452, 65459) and the July 13, 2012, final rule (77 FR 41300, 41309).) If required by your State to use Tier2 Submit software to submit hazardous chemical inventory information required under EPCRA section 312, please refer to the instructions provided in the help topics in the program.