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Tier2 Submit software and confidential chemical location information

When using EPA’s Tier2 Submit software to comply with the annual Hazardous Chemical Inventory reporting requirement under EPCRA §312, how can a person withhold confidential chemical location information from disclosure to the public?

In order to fulfill the proper reporting under EPCRA, a facility owner or operator using Tier2 Submit to complete a Tier II report with “confidential” storage locations can omit the location information on their Tier2 Submit record if they (a) check the “Storage locations are confidential” box on the Storage Locations section in the Chemicals in Inventory module and (b) also submit a Confidential Location Information Form to the SERC, LEPC, and fire department according to their state’s requirements.  (Some states may allow users to submit the confidential location information form by including it as an attachment in the Facilities module.)  This confidential location form is used by the authorities to verify actual locations for audits and emergencies; the form is not made available to the public.