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Who must be notified when a release occurs?

In the event that a listed CERCLA hazardous substance or extremely hazardous substance is released in an amount equal to, or exceeding the reportable quantity (RQ) for that substance, the following parties must be notified:

  • Community emergency coordinator for the local emergency planning committee of any area likely to be affected by the release (if there is no LEPC, notify the relevant local emergency response personnel); and
  • State emergency response commission of any State likely to be affected by the release;

These notifications procedures are designed to provide for more timely notification to State and local authorities.  In addition, the owner/operator of a facility is still required to notify the National Response Center (800/424-8802 or in DC 202/267-2675) when a release of CERCLA hazardous substance (in excess of an RQ) takes place.