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How to Participate: Testing the e-Manifest System (e-Manifest)

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EPA is seeking participants to provide user-experience feedback on the an early release of the Hazardous Waste Electronic Manifest System (e-Manifest). Once finished, the e-manifest system will be used to electronically track shipments of hazardous waste.

EPA's early release aims to simulate the future system's user experience for hazardous waste generators and treatment, storage, and disposal facilities (TSDFs). The functional mock-ups in this early release do not yet interface with e-manifest database, but instead contain static data. Users of the mock-ups can provide feedback on creating a new manifest and interacting with an "In Progress" manifest as a generator or TSDF.

To participate, users must first set up a test account on EPA's Central Data Exchange (CDX), before testing the user interface inside of the RCRAInfo Industry Application test environment, and providing feedback.

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CDX Registration

In order to access the test environment, all users must set up a test account on EPA's CDX. Please not, this account will be used for this review and all subsequent reviews and/or testing of e-Manifest software. An illustrated step-by-step guide of the registration process Exit is available on the e-Manifest project's GitHub website.

Steps in the registration process:

  1. Visit EPA's CDX Web page. Click the button that says "Register with CDX."
  2. Review and agree to the Terms and Conditions
  3. From the Active Program Services List, select "RCRAInfo: Resource Conservation and Recovery Act Information"
  4. Fill out the required user information
    1. For the field that requests your organization information, enter the name of your organization (company) or your organization's CDX ID. Click on the button, "Search."
    2. If you find your organization in the search results, select it by clicking on the hyperlink with your organization's ID.
    3. If you do not find your organization in the search results, please use the advanced search to provide more information that will identify your organization or send a request to EPA to register your organization.
  5. Complete the remaining registration fields and click on the "Submit Request for Access" button.
  6. Check your email to verify your account
  7. Log back into your CDX account.
  8. Click on the hyperlink for "Industry Application" to begin using e-Manifest!

Testing the User Interface

For testing purposes only, you will need to associate yourself with a site in the state of Virginia. EPA asks that you use the below information to conduct your review:

  1. After registering in CDX, click on the link to "Industry Application." This will take users to the "My Sites" view.
  2. Click on the blue button in the bottom left corner, "Add existing site." Search for EPA ID number VA988177803 and select the facility named "Heating and Oil" and click the "Request Access" button.
  3. Using the drop down list, choose the permission level of "Preparer." Send your request using the blue button in the left-hand corner of the box.
  4. EPA will process your request during normal business hours. The system is not able to grant immediate access. After EPA processes your request, you may login and begin using e-manifest.
  5. Navigate to Heating and Oils' "Site Details" page. Click on the "e-Manifest" tab, located next to "myRCRAInfo."

Illustrations of this process can be found on slides 15-22 in the How to Register for e-Manifest file on the project's GitHub site Exit.

Once inside of the e-Manifest Dashboard, users can create a new manifest and interact with an "In Progress" manifest. e-Manifests follow the same workflow of the current paper manifest forms.  EPA aims to create and intuitive experience and requests feedback on the system's usability.

Feedback, Questions and Assistance

Please send all feedback, questions, and requests for assistance to emanifest@epa.gov. Specifically, EPA is looking for feedback on the system's usability and on the business rules presented in the mock-up screens. EPA will review all submitted feedback.