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Pesticide Registration

Pesticide Registration Manual: How to Report Changes to Company Name or Address

Any changes to the official address, withdrawal of an existing agent, appointment of a new agent or changes to any of the contact information for the company or its agent must be reported to EPA. Do not combine this request with any other application or correspondence to ensure the proper handling of this request. (See 40CFR§152.122 and 40CFR§152.50).

All changes must be submitted to EPA in a letter on official company letterhead and signed by an authorized company official or agent. This letter must include the registrant’s company number.

Please include:

  • The old information that must be changed.
  • The new or updated information.
  • The contact person’s name, phone and email address.

NOTE: A request for change of agent must be submitted from an authorized company official other than an agent (See 40 CFR §152.50(b)(3)).

Submit your request by email to Kimberly Smith (

You must also inform your pesticide establishment coordinator of any changes mentioned above. Submit changes in writing on company letterhead or on the 3540-8 form. Send information to the appropriate pesticide establishment coordinator,

More information about obtaining a company or establishment number.