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Pesticide Registration

PRN 87-6: Inert Ingredients in Pesticide Products; Policy Statement

May 12, 1987

Notice To: Manufacturers, Producers, Formulators, and Registrants of Pesticide Products

Attention: Persons Responsible for Pesticide Registration of Pesticides Containing Inert Ingredients

Subject: Inert Ingredients in Pesticide Products; Policy Statement

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has published a Federal Register Notice (52 FR 13305; April 22, 1987) which announces certain policies regarding inert ingredients in pesticide products. Registrants of products that contain inert ingredients of toxicological concern will be required to submit applications to amend their registrations to add a label statement identifying the particular inert ingredient. View a copy of this Federal Register notice.

Edwin F. Tinsworth, Director
Registration Division (TS-767C)