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Research Grants

Research Funding Opportunities

Requests for Applications (RFAs) currently open or planned can be found below. The list may change periodically and should only be used as a guide to assist potential applicants. Please check back for updates or sign up to receive notifications of new funding opportunities. Research Grants Listserv

All forms necessary for completing an application are noted in the announcement and available to download. Funding Opportunities: How to Apply and Required Forms  

Open RFAs

EPA will host an informational webinars for interested applicants following RFA releases.

Notice of Intent

  • Water Quality Benefits - Coming Soon
  • Sources, Fate, Transport and Effects of Legacy Nutrients Across the Landscape - Coming Soon
  • Development of Innovative Approaches to Assess the Toxicity of Mixtures With Known or Unknown Compositions - Coming Soon
  • Climate Crisis, Environmental Justice, and Vulnerable Lifestages - Coming Soon
  • LIfe-Cycle Analysis to Support Cost-Effective Enhanced Aquifer Recharge - Coming Soon
  • National Priorities: Innovative Approaches for Detection and Public Health Surveillance of Coronaviruses and Other Pathogens in Wastewater - Coming Soon
  • National Priorities: Water Innovation, Science, and Engagement to Advance Water Reuse - Coming Soon
  • Innovative Water Technologies: Lagoon Wastewater Systems in Small Communities  - Coming Soon