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Searching and Applying for Jobs

Where are EPA jobs posted?

All EPA job announcements are posted on

Who do I contact if I have a question about a specific job announcement or having issues applying?

Every job posting on USAJobs will have a Human Resources contact listed at the bottom of announcement who can answer your questions (i.e. "where is the online assessment questionnaire?" "who do I send extra documents to?") .
*NOTE: The EPA Careers Webmaster will not respond to inquiries about specific job postings. Please contact the individual listed on the USAJobs announcements if you have questions or concerns.

How can I submit my CV or resume?

To submit a CV or resume, you must click the “Apply” button on the USAJobs announcement of the job you wish to apply for. If you are having issues submitting a CV or resume, or have a question about the job posting, please contact the individual listed at the bottom of the USAJobs announcement.

Can I submit my CV or resume to the EPA Careers website instead?

No. All CVs and resumes must be submitted through The EPA Careers Webmaster will not respond to Contact Us requests containing CVs or resume documents.

I have submitted a Job Application. What is the next step?

After you’ve applied, USAJobs will send you an e-mail acknowledgment that your information has been received.

Our recruiters do their best to review the candidate pool for open positions in a timely manner. Due to overwhelming responses to certain positions, it may take several weeks for the recruiter and/or hiring manager to complete this process. We appreciate your patience during the review process.

If you are selected for an interview, you will be contacted by a recruiter who will outline the next steps in the process.

If you have any questions or concerns about an application you have submitted, please contact the individual listed at the bottom of the announcement that you applied through.

Can non-U.S. Citizens work for EPA?

Generally, no. Only United States citizens and nationals may be appointed in the competitive civil service; however, federal agencies may employ certain non-citizens who meet specific employability requirements in the excepted service or the Senior Executive Service. You can learn more at the USAJobs Employment of Non-Citizens page.

I am a senior/retired and wish to get involved with the EPA. Are there opportunities for me?

Yes. The Senior Environmental Employment (SEE) Program provides an opportunity for retired and unemployed Americans age 55 and over to share their expertise with U.S. EPA, remaining active using their matured skills in meaningful tasks that support a wide variety of environmental programs. Visit our Senior Environmental Employment (SEE) Program page for more information.

What if I have additional questions about Jobs that are not answered here?

Please visit our FAQ pages for more information:

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Student Questions

Does EPA offer Student Internships?

Yes. EPA offers both paid and unpaid student internship opportunities when available. For more information about these opportunities, please visit:

If you are a law school student or graduate;

I am a high school student; are there ways I can volunteer?

Yes. Please visit our Volunteer (Unpaid) Internship Opportunities Currently Open at EPA page for opportunities for high school students to get involved.

How do I apply for an Internship, fellowship, or volunteer opportunity?

Most internships will be posted on USAJobs, and must apply directly through USAJobs. However, some internships and fellowships posted on the EPA Careers page that are NOT posted on USAJobs will request that you apply directly to the contact listed on that page. Be sure to read the application instructions and reach out to the contact listed on the announcement if you have any questions.

Who do I contact if I have questions or if I’m having trouble applying for an opportunity?

Every job posting, whether its USAJobs or on the EPA Careers page, will have a contact listed at the bottom of each announcement. That contact is the best person to reach out to with questions about a specific opportunity.
*NOTE: The EPA Careers Webmaster will not respond to inquiries about upcoming internship, fellowship, or scholarship postings, the availability of these opportunities, or about the application process for these opportunities. Please contact the individual listed on the announcement if you have questions or concerns about any of these topics.

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General Questions

Why should I sign up for Job Alerts?

Signing up for job alerts will enable you to take advantage of our revolutionized job alert system. You will receive customized job alerts based on keyword and location search criteria via e-mail. Please note, there is no separate registration process to sign up for job alerts. Simply enter your e-mail address and click on the “Go” button to sign up.

I would like to have one of my pages or information posted on the EPA Careers website.

At this time, EPA Careers does not post information or links to outside sources that are not affiliated with EPA in any way.

I would like to submit a comment, but it is not about an EPA Careers topic.

We appreciate any comments or feedback you might have. For all comments that may not relate to Careers, please use our Contact EPA page.

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