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Compliance Assistance Centers

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Request for Applications

EPA is soliciting applications for funding to support operation and maintenance of the local government Compliance Assistance Center ("Center"), operating as the Local Government Environmental Assistance Network (LGEAN).  Non-profit organizations, colleges, universities, and state, tribal and local governments are welcome to apply.

Compliance Assistance Centers Exit help businesses, colleges and universities, local governments, tribes and federal facilities understand and comply with environmental requirements and save money through pollution prevention techniques. 

EPA provides a wholesale approach to compliance assistance through the Compliance Assistance Centers, including Next Generation Compliance ("NextGen").  The traditional inspection is now being augmented by advanced technologies and processes. NextGen helps reduce costs and saves time and resources, while improving compliance.  

The Compliance Assistance Centers offer easy access to plain-language materials and other resources on environmental compliance through:

  • websites targeted to industry and government sectors
  • virtual plant tours
  • telephone assistance
  • "ask the expert"
  • email discussion groups
  • Next Generation Compliance
  • State Resource Locators  Exitthat offer state-specific environmental compliance information for a wide range of topics.

Most Compliance Assistance Centers are funded by EPA through cooperative agreements.

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Compliance Assistance Centers:

For more information, contact Catherine Tunis ( at (202) 564-0476.