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EPA ExpoBox

EPA ExpoBox and Exposure Factors

EPA ExpoBox includes an Exposure Factors Module that contains the following key features:

  • Beginners guidance page to learn all about the Exposure Factors Handbook and its related resources
  • An easy to use table to help you explore a complete list of the available exposure factors, organized by route of exposure, including:
    • Full bookmarked chapters from the Exposure Factors Handbook: 2011 Edition with links to the latest updated chapters
    • Relevant chapter links from the 2011 Exposure Factors Handbook, Highlights Document and recommendations for each factor
    • More than 200 individual data tables in downloadable Excel spreadsheet format
    • Links to references that include over 700+ referenced citations from the EFH 2011 Edition linked to EPA’s Health and Environmental Research Online (HERO) Database
    • Links to relevant sources of related information by chapter
    • The option to explore the full list of EFH tables from an advanced tables search page that allow you to select from among 800+ data tables by selecting key search terms
  • Access the Exposure Factors Module as part of the Approaches Toolset under Indirect Estimation to learn how the EFH is used in EPA-ExpoBox.