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EPA Grants

EPA Policies for EPA Grant Recipients

EPA grant policies may affect how recipients manage and administer EPA assistance agreements.  Refer to the resources below for specific information that may be pertinent to your grants.

  • Best Practices:  Provide guidance to help recipients successfully administer grants.
  • Grants Policy Issuances (GPI):  Policies issued by EPA.
  • Recipient/Applicant Information Notices (RAIN):  Provide information to applicants and recipients about EPA policies.

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New Issued Type Number Policy Resource
  Issued Type Number  
New resource 2018 RAIN RAIN-G06 EPA Requirements for Enrolling in the Automated Standard Application for Payments (ASAP) System and Disbursing EPA Funds Within 5 business Days of Drawdown
This RAIN informs recipients and applicants of EPA’s policy regarding the use of the ASAP system and disbursing funds promptly.
New resource 2018 RAIN RAIN-G05 Interim EPA Guidance on Participant Support Costs
EPA has developed interim guidance on participant support costs (PSC). EPA participant support cost policies apply to direct EPA funding as well as EPA funded pass-through agreements with subrecipients. Potential applicants and recipients should use this guidance as a reference when preparing budgets for and managing EPA financial assistance agreements.
New resource 2018 RAIN RAIN-G04 Micro-Purchase and Simplified Acquisition Threshold for Procurements by EPA Assistance Agreement Recipients and Subrecipients
The final Best Practice Guide for Procuring Services, Supplies, and Equipment Under EPA Assistance Agreements describes the financial transactions covered by the competitive contracting requirements and other rules you must follow when awarding and administering EPA funded contracts.  Other rules that cover purchasing systems such as, conflicts of interest, cost and price analyses, required contract clauses, and bonding requirements for construction are discussed in the Interim Procurement Guide.  It also provides guidance on unique EPA limitations on expenditures for consulting services.
New resource 2018 RAIN RAIN-G03

Revision to EPA Financial Assistance Conflict of Interest Policy and EPA Subaward Policy
Effective:  8/22/2018
This Recipient/Applicant Information Notice (RAIN) informs recipients and applicants of EPA’s revision to our EPA Financial Assistance Conflict of Interest and EPA Subaward Policies.

New resource 2018 RAIN RAIN-G02

Indirect Cost Guidance for EPA Assistance Agreements
Effective:  10/1/2018
This Recipient/Applicant Information Notice (RAIN) informs recipients and applicants of new policy on indirect costs and EPA assistance agreements (grants and cooperative agreements).

New resource 2018 RAIN RAIN-G01-R

EPA Office of Grants and Debarment Guidance on Selected Items of Cost for Recipients
Effective:  4/13/2018
This Recipient/Applicant Information Notice (RAIN) informs recipients and applicants of new guidance on selected items of cost.

  2016 GPI GPI 16-01 EPA Subaward Policy
Effective:  2/17/2016
Amended: 8/22/2018 (see RAIN 2018-G03)
This policy establishes the requirements and procedures for Grants Management Offices and Program Offices in making determinations regarding subrecipient eligibility, overseeing pass-through entity monitoring and management of subawards, and authorizing fixed amount subawards under 2 CFR 200.330, 200.331, and 200.332 (“the applicable regulations”).
  2015 GPI GPI 15-02 EPA's Financial Assistance Conflict of Interest Policy
Effective:  9/25/2015
Amended: 8/22/2018 (see RAIN 2018-G03)
This policy is intended to prevent personal and organizational conflict of interests in the award and administration of EPA financial assistance.
  2015 GPI GPI 15-01 Performance Partnership Grants for States
Effective:  2/24/2015
This policy increases awareness of the administrative and programmatic flexibility available through Performance Partnership Grants (PPGs), encourages PPG use and ensures consistent PPG implementation and management. This policy is issued jointly by the Office of Grants and Debarment (OGD) and by the Office of Intergovernmental Relations (OIR), the National Program Manager (NPM) for PPGs.
  2012 GPI GPI 12-06 Timely Obligation, Award and Expenditure of EPA Grant Funds
Effective:  10/1/2012
The purpose of this policy is to further EPA’s mission of protecting human health and the environment by ensuring the timely obligation, award and expenditure of EPA grant funds.
  2012 GPI GPI 11-03 State Grant Workplans and Progress Reports
Effective:  10/1/2012
The purpose of this policy is to address issues raised by the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) about the management of state categorical program grants by establishing essential elements for the content of grant workplans and associated progress reports.
  2013 GPI GPI 13-02 Streamlining Tribal Grants Management
Effective:  11/1/2013
This policy provides a framework for a streamlined, consistent approach to managing grants (including cooperative agreements) awarded to tribes.
  2010 GPI GPI 11-01 Managing Unliquidated Obligations and Ensuring Progress under EPA Assistance Agreements
Effective:  10/1/2010
This policy establishes procedures for managing Unliquidated Obligations (ULOs) under EPA assistance agreements, including grants, cooperative agreements and fellowships. It also includes provisions to further the timely progress of work under EPA assistance agreements.

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