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MOVES and Related Models

MOVES Versions in Limited Current Use

You may need a PDF reader to view some of the files on this page. See EPA’s About PDF page to learn more.
This information is for users who:
  • are completing work already started with MOVES2014, MOVES2014a, or MOVES2014b, or
  • need to review documentation for these models.
On this page:

Important Note About MOVES Versions

In general, states should use EPA’s latest model, MOVES3, to take advantage of the improvements that have been included in it.

Users should consult the Federal Register Notice of Availability for MOVES3 and the Policy Guidance on the Use of MOVES3 (both available on the MOVES3 latest version page) before doing any additional work with any version of MOVES2014. MOVES2010 should not be used for any regulatory purposes at this time.

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General Information about MOVES2014

MOVES2014a and MOVES2014b User Documents and Tools

  • MOVES2014a User Guide (PDF) (266 pp, 11 MB, EPA-420-B-15-095, November 2015) walks users through various MOVES examples, and provides an overview of menu items and options.
  • MOVES2014a User Interface Reference Manual (PDF) (59 pp, 556 K, EPA-420-B-16-085, November 2016) provides details on using the MOVES interface, commands and menu options.
  • MOVES2014a Software Design Reference Manual (PDF) (112 pp, 1 MB, EPA-420-B-15-096, November 2015) provides background on configuring and installing MOVES and describes MOVES code structure.
  • MOVES2014 User Interface Reference Manual Appendix: MOVES2014b (PDF) (7 pp, 188 K, EPA-420-B-18-038, August 2018) explains changes to the user interface in MOVES2014b.
  • LEV and early NLEV modeling information for MOVES2014-20141022 (ZIP)(1 pg, 2 MB, updated October 2014) This tool should only be used with versions of MOVES2014. Users of MOVES3 can find this tool under the MOVES3 Tools drop-down menu. Some states have adopted California Low Emission Vehicle (LEV) criteria pollutant standards. Other states (in the northeast) that did not adopt LEV standards received early implementation of National Low Emission Vehicle (NLEV) standards for the 1999 and 2000 model years. This package includes instructions and input files that can be used with MOVES2014 to model the emissions from these vehicles.
  • The Age Distribution Projection Tool for MOVES3 and the AADVMT Converter for MOVES3 both work with all versions of MOVES2014. These tools can be downloaded from Tools to Develop or Convert MOVES Inputs.

Downloading MOVES2014b

Download MOVES2014b (EXE)(332 MB, January 2021) : After downloading the setup file, run MOVES2014b-Setup-20210112.exe and follow the on-screen instructions to complete MOVES2014b installation. The new installer replaces MySQL with MariaDB as the database server for MOVES2014b. MariaDB continues to support features that MOVES relies on, whereas the latest versions of MySQL removed these features. Using MariaDB resolves various problems that users have found with recent installations of MOVES2014b, including an error where some particulate matter (PM) emissions may be dropped with no error message, leading to low PM output from MOVES installed with MySQL 5.7.26 or later. For these reasons, it is critical to re-install MOVES2014b to eliminate this potential error.

Downloading MOVES2014a

MOVES2014 User Documents and Tools

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Downloading MOVES2014

  • Download MOVES2014 (EXE)(1 pg, 72 MB, May 2015) This application installs the October 2014 release of MOVES2014 with additional updates to configuration and postprocessing scripts. After downloading the setup file, run moves2014-cb6-setup.exe and follow the instructions to complete the MOVES2014 installation.
    NOTE: This release includes May 2015 CB6 and CB05 chemical mechanisms that speciate inventory emissions for input into chemical transport air quality models.  However, we have found errors in this function. Modelers who will be using MOVES results as input to chemical transport air quality models should consult with EPA or use a later version of MOVES.

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