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Public Notices and Meeting Announcements from NDWAC

Meeting Announcements and Materials

EPA announces the dates and locations of NDWAC meetings in the Federal Register (FR). The meetings are open to the public. Details regarding public participation in the meetings are described in the FR notices.

Schedule of meetings

The NDWAC meets either face-to-face or virtually each year and may meet more often. 

Opportunities to provide statements

Consistent with the Federal Advisory Committee Act, the council holds open meetings and provides opportunities for interested persons to:

  • make statements within a designated time period during the meetings, and
  • file statements or comments before or after such meetings.

Members of the public must register to present an oral statement or submit a written statement prior to the meeting. Pertinent requirements for this process are included in the FR notice announcing each meeting. Oral statements are typically limited to five minutes at the meeting. It is preferred that only one person present a statement on behalf of a group or organization.

Solicitation for Membership

EPA solicits membership nominations for the NDWAC in the Federal Register (FR), typically annually. These nominations are to replace members who have completed their terms or who no longer can serve on the council.