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Idaho NPDES Permits

EPA issues all NPDES permits in Idaho (see table below).

Notice: The Idaho Department of Environmental Quality has submitted an application to EPA to administer the Idaho Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (IPDES) program. For more information, visit Idaho NPDES Program Authorization.

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NPDES Permits Issued by EPA in Idaho
Location Facility or Permit Name Permit Number Permit Status Effective Date Expiration Date
Ada County (Boise) Ada County Highway District MS4 (Stormwater) IDS028185 Final 2009-10-15 2014-10-14
Aberdeen Aberdeen Wastewater Treatment Plant ID0020176 Final 2016-03-01 2021-02-28
Ahsahka Ahsahka Water and Sewer District ID0025224 Final 2011-11-01 2016-10-31
Old Town Albeni Falls Dam ID0020681 Final 2002-01-02 2007-01-02
American Falls American Falls Wastewater Treatment Plant ID0020753 Final 2014-08-01 2019-07-31
Various General Permits for Aquaculture and Associated Fish Processing Facilities in Idaho IDG130000 IDG131000 IDG132000 Final 2007-12-01 2012-11-30
Nampa Armour Fresh Meats (ConAgra) ID0000787 Final 1999-02-01 2004-02-02
Ashton Ashton Wastewater Treatment Plant ID0023710 Final 2014-04-01 2019-03-31
Eagle Avimor Water Reclamation Facility ID0028371 Final 2016-05-01 2021-04-30
Princeton Bennett Lumber Products ID0020532 Final 2007-01-01 2011-12-31
Blackfoot Blackfoot Wastewater Treatment Plant ID0020044 Final 2013-09-01 2018-08-31
Boise City of Boise Lander Street Wastewater Treatment Facility ID0020443 Final 2012-08-01 2017-07-31
Boise City of Boise West Boise Wastewater Treatment Facility ID0023981 Final 2012-08-01 2017-07-31
Boise City of Boise Geothermal Project ID0025488 Final 1999-11-16 2004-11-16
Boise Boise/Garden City Area MS4s (Stormwater) (Ada County, Boise State University, City of Boise, City of Garden City, Drainage District #3, Idaho Transportation Dept. District #3) IDS027561 Final 2012-02-01 2018-01-30
Bonners Ferry Bonners Ferry Wastewater Treatment Facility ID0020222 Final 2011-11-01 2016-10-31
Bovill Bovill Wastewater Treatment Facility ID0022861 Final 2005-04-01 2010-03-31
Buhl Buhl Wastewater Treatment Facility ID0020664 Final 2007-11-01 2012-12-31
Burley Burley Industrial Wastewater Treatment Plant ID0000663 Final 2009-06-01 2014-05-31
Burley City of Burley Wastewater Treatment Plant (Current Permit) ID0020095 Final 2002-01-07 2007-01-08
Burley City of Burley Wastewater Treatment Plant (Draft Permit) ID0020095 Draft N/A N/A
Various General Permit for Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs) in Idaho IDG010000 Final 2012-05-09 2017-05-08
Caldwell Caldwell Wastewater Treatment Plant ID0021504 Final 2016-11-01 2021-10-31
Caldwell Caldwell MS4 (Stormwater) IDS028118 Final 2009-10-15 2014-10-14
Cambridge Cambridge Wastewater Treatment Facility ID0021806 Final 2005-04-01 2010-03-31
Nampa Canyon Highway District #4 MS4 (Stormwater) IDS028134 Final 2009-10-15 2014-10-14
Carey Carey Water and Sewer District ID0025747 Final 2004-05-01 2009-04-30
Cascade Cascade Wastewater Treatment Facility ID0023167 Final 2004-01-01 2009-12-31
Payette Chiquita Processed Foods ID0000213 Final 2001-12-31 2007-01-02
Clarkia Clarkia Water and Sewer District ID0025071 Final 2011-12-31 2016-11-30
Lewiston Clearwater Paper Corporation ID0001163 Final 2005-05-01 2010-04-30
Coeur d'Alene Coeur d'Alene Wastewater Treatment Facility ID0022853 Final 2014-12-01 2019-11-30
Coeur d'Alene Coeur d'Alene MS4 (Stormwater) IDS028215 Final 2009-01-01 2014-12-31
Cottonwood Cottonwood Wastewater Treatment Facility ID0021849 Final 2002-10-01 2007-09-30
Council Council Wastewater Treatment Facility ID0020087 Final 05/01/2004 2009-04-30
Craigmont Craigmont Wastewater Treatment Facility ID0021288 Final 04/01/2005 2010-03-31
Culdesac Culdesac Wastewater Treatment Facility ID0024490 Final 10/01/2016 2021-09-30
Caldwell Darigold, Inc. ID0024953 Final 1999-11-02 2004-11-02
Deary Deary Wastewater Treatment Facility ID0020788 Final 2004-05-01 2009-04-30
Dover Dover Wastewater Treatment Facility ID0027693 Final 2002-01-05 2007-01-05
Driggs Driggs Wastewater Treatment Plant ID0020141 Final 2011-01-01 2015-12-31
Ahsahka Dworshak Reservoir Nutrient Supplementation Pilot Project ID0028444 Final 2011-10-15 2016-09-30
Shelley Eastern Idaho Regional Wastewater Authority Oxbow Wastewater Treatment Plant ID0020133 Final 2014-06-01 2019-05-31
Elk City Elk City Water and Sewer Association ID0022012 Final 2015-05-01 2020-04-30
Elk River Elk River Wastewater Treatment Facility ID0020362 Final 2004-05-01 2009-04-30
Pine Elk Valley Subdivision (Featherville) ID0027979 Final 2005-06-01 2010-05-31
Emmett Emmett Wastewater Treatment Plant ID0020311 Final 2001-12-31 2007-01-02
Challis Epicenter Aquaculture ID0028266 Final 2007-12-01 2012-11-30
Fairfield Fairfield Wastewater Treatment Facility ID0024384 Final 2015-09-01 2020-08-31
Filer Filer Wastewater Treatment Plant (Current Permit) ID0020061 Final 2007-11-01 2012-10-31
Filer Filer Wastewater Treatment Plant (Proposed Permit) ID0020061 Draft N/A N/A
Firth Firth Wastewater Treatment Facility ID0024988 Final 2013-04-01 2018-03-31
Franklin Franklin Wastewater Treatment Facility (Current Permit) ID0025569 Final 2004-06-01 2009-05-31
Franklin Franklin Wastewater Treatment Facility (Proposed Permit) ID0025569 Draft N/A N/A
Fruitland City of Fruitland Payette River Wastewater Treatment Plant ID0021199 Final 2011-11-01 2016-10-31
Fruitland City of Fruitland Snake River Wastewater Treatment Plant ID0020338 Final 2011-11-01 2016-10-31
Boise Gem Meat Packing ID0027065 Final 1999-11-02 2004-11-02
Genesee Genesee Wastewater Treatment Plant ID0020125 Final 2017-07-01 2022-06-30
Gooding Glandbia Foods, Inc. ID0027120 Final 2004-03-01 2009-02-28
Glenns Ferry Glenns Ferry Wastewater Treatment Plant ID0022004 Final 2012-01-01 2016-12-31
Gooding Gooding Wastewater Treatment Plant ID0020028 Final 2000-05-01 2005-05-01
Grace Grace Wastewater Treatment Plant ID0023825 Final 2014-11-01 2019-10-31
Grangeville Grangeville Wastewater Treatment Plant ID0020036 Final 2005-10-01 2010-09-30
Greenleaf Greenleaf Wastewater Treatment Plant ID0028304 Final 2013-01-01 2017-12-31
Various General Permit for Groundwater Remediation Facilities in Idaho IDG911000 Final 2014-09-15 2019-09-14
Hagerman Hagerman Wastewater Treatment Plant (Current Permit) ID0025941 Final 2007-11-01 2012-10-31
Hagerman Hagerman Wastewater Treatment Plant (Proposed Permit) ID0025941 Draft N/A N/A
Hailey Hailey Wastewater Treatment Plant ID0020303 Final 2012-08-01 2017-07-31
Hansen Hansen Wastewater Treatment Plant ID0022446 Final 2007-11-01 2012-10-31
Harrison Harrison Wastewater Treatment Plant ID0021997 Final 2005-09-01 2010-08-31
Hayden Hayden Area Regional Sewer Board ID0026590 Final 2014-12-01 2019-11-30
Stanley Hecla Mining Co. Grouse Creek Mine (Current Permit) ID0026468 Final 2002-02-11 2007-02-12
Stanley Hecla Mining Co. Grouse Creek Mine (Proposed Permit) ID0026468 Draft N/A N/A
Mullan Hecla Mining Co. Lucky Friday Mine ID0000175 Final 2003-09-14 2008-09-14
Heyburn Heyburn Wastewater Treatment Plant ID0020940 Final 2002-01-07 2007-01-08
Homedale Homedale Wastewater Treatment Plant ID0020427 Final 2013-10-01 2018-09-30
Horseshoe Bend Horseshoe Bend Wastewater Treatment Plant (Current Permit) ID0021024 Final 11/24/2003 2008-11-24
Horseshoe Bend Horseshoe Bend Wastewater Treatment Plant (Proposed Permit) ID0021024 Draft N/A N/A
Salmon Idaho Cobalt Project ID0028321 Final 2009-04-01 2014-03-31
Leonia Idaho Dept. of Fish and Game Kootenai River Nutrient Injection Site ID0028291 Final 2006-06-02 2011-06-02
Idaho Falls Idaho Falls and Idaho Transportation Dept., District #6 MS4s (Stormwater) IDS028070 Final 2007-05-01 2012-04-30
Idaho Falls Idaho Falls Wastewater Treatment Plant ID0021261 Final 2012-11-01 2017-10-31
Coeur d'Alene Idaho Transportation Dept. District #1 MS4 (Stormwater) IDS028223 Final 2009-01-01 2014-12-31
Boise/Nampa Idaho Transportation Dept. District #3 MS4 (Stormwater) IDS028177 Final 2009-10-15 2014-10-14
Twin Falls Independent Meat Company ID0000388 Final 2016-01-01 2019-12-31
Inkom Inkom Wastewater Treatment Plant ID0020249 Final 2005-06-01 2010-05-31
Jerome Jerome Cheese Company ID0027600 Final 2001-10-01 2006-10-02
Jerome Jerome Wastewater Treatment Plant ID0020168 Final 2010-07-01 2015-06-30
Lake Fork Jug Mountain Ranch ID0028029 Final 2004-08-24 2009-07-31
Juliaetta Juliaetta Wastewater Treatment Plant ID0023761 Final 2004-05-01 2009-04-30
Kamiah Kamiah Water Treatment Plant ID0028461 Final 2013-01-01 2017-12-31
Kendrick Kendrick Wastewater Treatment Plant ID0024554 Final 2005-04-01 2010-03-31
Kamiah Kamiah Wastewater Treatment Plant ID0028002 Final 2011-08-01 2016-12-31
Ketchum Ketchum Wastewater Treatment Plant ID0020281 Final 2012-08-01 2017-07-31
Sandpoint Kootenai-Ponderay Sewer District (Current Permit) ID0021229 Final 2002-01-02 2007-01-02
Sandpoint Kootenai-Ponderay Sewer District (Proposed Permit) ID0021229 Draft N/A N/A
Kooskia Kooskia Wastewater Treatment Plant ID0021814 Final 2002-10-01 2007-09-30
Kuna Kuna Wastewater Treatment Plant ID0028355 Final 2009-06-01 2014-05-31
Coeur d'Alene Lakes Highway District MS4 (Stormwater) IDS028207 Final 2009-01-01 2014-12-31
Lapwai Lapwai Valley Wastewater Treatment Plant ID0028347 Final 2011-08-05 2016-07-31
Lava Hot Springs Lava Hot Springs Wastewater Treatment Plant ID0021822 Final 2005-06-01 2010-05-31
Lewiston Lewiston Wastewater Treatment Plant ID0022055 Final 2016-02-01 2021-01-31
Mackay Mackay Wastewater Treatment Plant (Current Permit) ID0023027 Final 2004-06-01 2009-05-31
Mackay Mackay Wastewater Treatment Plant (Proposed Permit) ID0023027 Draft N/A N/A
Paul Magic Valley Produce ID0026654 Final 2003-11-06 2008-11-06
Marsing Marsing Wastewater Treatment Plant ID0021202 Final 2015-11-01 2020-10-31
Burley McCain Foods USA ID0000612 Final 2014-11-01 2019-10-31
McCall McCall Wastewater Treatment Plant ID0020231 Final 2003-05-01 2008-04-30
Ketchum The Meadows LLC ID0024422 Final 2012-08-01 2017-07-31
Meridian Meridian Wastewater Treatment Plant ID0020192 Final 1999-11-02 2022-07-31
Leesburg Meridian Beartrack Mine ID0027022 Final 2003-12-01 2008-10-31
Middleton Middleton Wastewater Treatment Plant ID0021831 Final 1999-11-02 2004-11-02
Middleton Middleton MS4 (Stormwater) IDS028100 Final 2009-10-15 2014-10-14
Montpelier Montpelier Wastewater Treatment Plant ID0025585 Final 2005-06-01 2010-05-31
Moscow Moscow Wastewater Treatment Plant ID0021491 Final 1999-04-14 2004-04-14
Mountain Home Mountain Home Air Force Base ID0027642 Final 2009-12-01 2014-11-30
Mullan South Fork Coeur d'Alene Sewer District Mullan Wastewater Treatment Plant ID0021296 Final 2013-10-01 2018-09-30
Nampa Nampa Wastewater Treatment Plant ID0022063 Final 2016-11-01 2021-10-31
Nampa Nampa Highway District #1 MS4 (Stormwater) IDS028142 Final 2009-10-15 2014-10-14
Nampa City of Nampa MS4 (Stormwater) IDS028126 Final 2009-10-15 2014-10-14
New Meadows New Meadows Wastewater Treatment Plant ID0023159 Final 2013-08-01 2018-07-31
New Plymouth New Plymouth Wastewater Treatment Plant ID0020389 Final 2016-09-01 2021-08-31
Nezperce Nezperce Wastewater Treatment Plant (Current Permit) ID0020397 Final 2004-04-01 2009-03-31
Nezperce Nezperce Wastewater Treatment Plant (Proposed Permit) ID0020397 Draft N/A N/A
Cottonwood North Idaho Correctional Facility ID0025887 Final 2017-09-01 2022-08-31
Notus Notus Wastewater Treatment Plant ID0021016 Final 2013-10-01 2018-09-30
Notus/Parma Notus-Parma Highway District #2 MS4 (Stormwater) IDS028151 Final 2009-10-15 2014-10-14
Orofino Orofino Wastewater Treatment Plant ID0021050 Final 2011-08-01 2016-07-31
Orofino Orofino Water Treatment Plant ID0001058 Final 2017-11-01 2022-10-31
Idaho Falls Pacificorp Idaho Falls Pole Yard ID0026565 Final 1996-10-31 2001-10-31
Shoshone County South Fork Coeur d'Alene River Sewer District Page Wastewater Treatment Plant ID0021300 Final 2013-10-01 2018-09-30
Parma Parma Wastewater Treatment Plant ID0021776 Final 2017-04-01 2022-03-31
Payette Payette Wastewater Treatment Plant ID0020672 Final 2014-11-01 2019-10-31
Pierce Pierce Wastewater Treatment Plant (Current Permit) ID0020206 Final 2004-05-01 2009-04-30
Pierce Pierce Wastewater Treatment Plant (Proposed Permit) ID0020206 Draft N/A N/A
Plummer Plummer Wastewater Treatment Plant ID0022781 Final 2012-07-01 2017-06-30
Pocatello Pocatello Water Pollution Control Facility ID0021784 Final 2012-09-01 2017-08-31
Pocatello Pocatello Area MS4s (Stormwater) (Pocatello, Chubbuck, Bannock County, and Idaho Transportation Dept. District #5) IDS028053 Final 2006-12-15 2011-12-14
Post Falls Post Falls Wastewater Treatment Plant ID0025852 Final 2014-12-01 2019-11-30
Post Falls Post Falls MS4 (Stormwater) IDS028231 Final 2009-01-01 2014-12-31
Post Falls Post Falls Highway District MS4 (Stormwater) IDS028193 Final 2009-01-01 2014-12-31
Potlatch Potlatch Wastewater Treatment Plant ID0022501 Final 2005-04-01 2010-10-31
St. Maries Potlatch Corporation St. Maries Mill ID0000019 Final 1996-10-31 2001-10-31
Preston Preston Wastewater Treatment Plant ID0020214 Final 2017-05-01 2022-04-30
Priest River Priest River Wastewater Treatment Plant ID0020800 Final 2011-12-01 2016-11-30
Rexburg Rexburg Wastewater Treatment Plant ID0023817 Final 2001-09-11 2006-09-11
Richfield Richfield Wastewater Treatment Plant ID0021211 Final 2005-04-01 2010-03-31
Ribgy Rigby Wastewater Treatment Plant ID0020010 Final 2017-01-01 2021-12-31
Riggins Riggins Wastewater Treatment Plant ID0020931 Final 2012-09-01 2017-08-31
Ririe Ririe Wastewater Treatment Plant ID0026174 Final 2004-01-01 2009-01-01
Orofino Riverside Water & Sewer District Wastewater Treatment Plant ID0024503 Final 2011-11-01 2016-10-30
Orofino Riverside Water & Sewer District Water Treatment Plant ID0021237 Final 2017-11-01 2022-10-31
Roberts Roberts Wastewater Treatment Plant ID0026913 Final 2004-05-01 2009-04-30
Rockland Rockland Wastewater Treatment Plant ID0022047 Final 2002-01-07 2007-01-08
St. Anthony St. Anthony Wastewater Treatment Plant ID0020401 Final 2009-12-01 2014-11-30
St. Maries St. Maries Wastewater Treatment Plant ID0022799 Final 2007-10-01 2012-09-30
Salmon Salmon Wastewater Treatment Plant ID0020001 Final 2007-10-01 2012-09-30
Sandpoint Sandpoint Wastewater Treatment Plant ID0020842 Final 2017-12-01 2022-11-30
Fernwood Santa-Fernwood Sewer District Wastewater Treatment Plant ID0022845 Final 2004-06-01 2009-05-31
Shoshone Shoshone Wastewater Treatment Plant ID0023728 Final 2005-04-01 2010-03-31
Various General Permit for Small Suction Dredge Placer Miners in Idaho (Current Permit) IDG370000 Final 2013-05-06 2018-04-30
Various General Permit for Small Suction Dredge Placer Miners in Idaho (Proposed Permit) IDG370000 Draft N/A N/A
Smelterville Smelterville Wastewater Treatment Plant ID0020117 Final 2013-10-01 2018-09-30
Soda Springs Soda Springs Wastewater Treatment Plant ID0020818 Final 2001-12-06 2006-12-06
Nampa Sorrento Lactalis, Inc. (Current Permit) ID0028037 Final 2005-11-01 2010-10-31
Nampa Sorrento Lactalis, Inc. (Proposed Permit) ID0028037 Draft N/A N/A
Star Star Water and Sewer District Wastewater Treatment Plant ID003591 Final 2015-05-01 2020-04-30
Tensed Tensed Wastewater Treatment Plant ID0025101 Final 2004-04-01 2009-03-31
Clayton Thompson Creek Mining Company ID0025402 Final 2002-01-28 2007-01-29
Troy Troy Wastewater Treatment Plant ID0023604 Final 2004-05-01 2009-04-30
Twin Falls Twin Falls Wastewater Treatment Plant ID0021270 Final 2009-11-01 2014-10-31
Moscow University of Idaho Aquaculture Research Laboratory ID0027154 Final 1999-04-14 2004-04-14
Wallace U.S. Silver Corp. Coeur and Galena Mines and Mills ID0000027 Final 2007-07-01 2012-06-30
Viola Viola Water and Sewer District Wastewater Treatment Plant ID0026310 Final 2004-03-15 2009-02-28
Weippe Weippe Wastewater Treatment Plant ID0020354 Final 2014-11-01 2019-10-31
Weiser Weiser Wastewater Treatment Plant ID0020290 Final 2012-01-01 2016-12-31
Wilder Wilder Wastewater Treatment Plant ID0020265 Final 2005-06-01 2010-05-31
Winchester Winchester Wastewater Treatment Plant ID0020184 Final 2013-03-01 2018-02-28
Worley Worley Wastewater Treatment Plant ID0022713 Final 2015-05-01 2020-04-30
Various General Permit for Idaho Drinking Water Facilities IDG380000 Final 2016-11-01 2021-01-31