EnviroAtlas provides interactive resources that allow users to discover, analyze, and download data, maps, and other information.  EnviroAtlas can be used to inform decision-making at multiple scales. Our resources are organized around the benefits people receive from nature or "ecosystem services". 

Header image showing example of EnviroAtlas national data layer

Header image showcasing EnviroAtlas rain drop tool

Header image of high mountain landscape

  • EnviroAtlas Data

    Overview of EnviroAtlas data organization, spatial extents, & how to access.
  • EnviroAtlas Tools

    Access several downloadable GIS toolboxes and ArcMap extensions that work with user-supplied data.
  • EnviroAtlas Data Download

    EnviroAtlas National and Community data are made freely available for download.

EnviroAtlas Introduction Video

Things to Know


EnviroAtlas web services will be removed and replaced as EnviroAtlas migrates to a new interactive mapping application. Learn more.