EnviroAtlas Data

The EnviroAtlas data section includes informative and introductory pages that help new users learn about the data and action-oriented pages for experienced users who are ready to access and analyze EnviroAtlas data layers.

Learn About the Data

  • Spatial Extents  - Data layers are developed for the contiguous U.S. and at higher resolution for selected communities.
  • Data Organization - Data in the Interactive Map are organized by type and topics of interest. 
  • Dynamic Data Matrix -  Search and sort all 300+ data layers and access their fact sheets.
  • EnviroAtlas Communities - Find out which EnviroAtlas communities have been completed and which ones are in progress.
  • Data Approach - EnviroAtlas uses an indicator and index approach to investigating and analyzing ecosystem services.

Access the Data

  • Interactive MapA multi-extent Interactive Map with broad scale data for the lower 48 states and fine scale data for selected communities.
  • Web Services - Learn how to use EnviroAtlas web services and how to import other services into the Interactive Map.
  • Data DownloadEnviroAtlas National and Community data are made freely available for download.