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EnviroAtlas Use Cases

EnviroAtlas data and resources can be used in a range of projects, from regional to local scales. The examples provided here are meant to introduce some EnviroAtlas datasets and tools and demonstrate how they might be used in various contexts. If you have used EnviroAtlas resources, or have an idea for an example use or case study, we'd love to hear from you!  

Map showing percent green space in Town n Country The use of EnviroAtlas in a Health Impact Assessment (HIA), Town ‘n’ Country area of Tampa Bay, Florida

This use case is an example of how EnviroAtlas can be used in a Health Impact Assessment (HIA) to address community health concerns and needs. The key decision assessed in this HIA is whether to adopt a policy permitting local businesses and organizations to provide free outdoor exercise classes in county parks.

green infrastructure in a chicago parkUsing EnviroAtlas to Identify Locations for Urban Heat Island Abatement

Excessive heat in the summer months can be dangerous to human health and increases demand for water and electricity. Vegetation and trees can help reduce the urban heat island effect. This example explores one solution for minimizing the negative impacts of excessive summer heat due to urbanization.

Prioritizing tree plantingPrioritizing Tree Planting in Durham, NC

This example shows how a planner might use EnviroAtlas to prioritize the planting of additional trees to benefit children in the vicinity of Durham, NC. Tree cover provides multiple health benefits to communities. In particular, children may receive significant physical and mental health benefits from tree plantings in the areas where they live, learn, and play.

Near-road tree bufferManaging Clean Air with Roadway Tree Buffers

This example shows how EnviroAtlas may be used to identify residential populations that are vulnerable to the negative health impacts of roadway air pollution.

Manure ManagementIdentifying Cost-effective Locations for Manure Management Incentives

This use case explores one solution for minimizing the negative impacts of excess manure application in the Chesapeake Bay watershed using EnviroAtlas national data. 

Image of EnviroAtlas ecosystem markets use case Assessing the compatibility of wetlands compensatory mitigation of lands prioritized for protection adjacent to Forest Service-owned lands

This use case explores a method for evaluating properties prioritized for protection (e.g., private inholdings and properties adjacent to National Forest System lands) for compatibility with wetland compensatory mitigation. 

Wetlands mitigation use case image

Evaluating sites for an agricultural wetlands mitigation bank in Illinois

Wetland ecosystems provide many valuable services to society. This use case explores a method for evaluating potential sites for agricultural wetland mitigation banking under the NRCS wetland mitigation banking program.