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Criteria Development Guidance: Estuarine and Coastal Waters

The purpose of this document is to provide scientifically defensible technical guidance to assist states and authorized Tribes in developing quantitative nutrients and algal criteria for estuaries and coastal waters.

  • Federal Register Notice (October 10, 2001)
  • Fact Sheet (August 2001)
  • Document: Nutrient Criteria Technical Guidance Manual: Estuarine and Coastal Marine Waters
    • Chapter 1: Introduction and Objectives
    • Chapter 2: Scientific Basis for Estuarine and Coastal Waters Quantitative Nutrient Criteria
    • Chapter 3: Classification of Estuarine and Coastal Waters
    • Chapter 4: Variables and Measurement Methods To Assess and Monitor Estuarine/Marine Eutrophic Conditions
    • Chapter 5: Databases, Sampling Design, and Data Analysis
    • Chapter 6: Determining the Reference Condition
    • Chapter 7: Nutrient and Algal Criteria Development
    • Chapter 8: Using Nutrient Criteria To Protect Water Quality
    • Chapter 9: Use of Models in Nutrient Criteria Development
    • References
    • Appendices
    • Case Studies