Criteria Development Guidance: Rivers and Streams

EPA-822-B-00-002; July 2000

The Nutrient Criteria Technical Guidance Manual: Rivers and Streams is one in a series of waterbody-specific documents that support the National Nutrient Strategy. The intent of this document is to provide States and Tribes with methods to assess waterbody nutrient impairment and develop ecoregion-specific nutrient criteria. The Rivers and Streams document provides background information on classifying rivers and streams, selecting criteria variables, designing monitoring programs, building a database analyzing nutrient and algal data, deriving regional criteria, and implementing management practices.

Federal Register Notice (July 27, 2000)

Complete document: Nutrient Criteria Technical Guidance Manual: Rivers and Streams (EPA-822-B-00-002)

  • Chapter 1—Introduction
  • Chapter 2—Stream System Classification
  • Chapter 3—Select Variables
  • Chapter 4—Sampling Design for New Monitoring Programs
  • Chapter 5—Building a Database of Nutrients and Algae-Related Water Quality Information
  • Chapter 6—Analyze Data
  • Chapter 7—Nutrient and Algal Criteria Development
  • Chapter 8—Management Programs
  • Chapter 9—Monitoring and Reassessment of Nutrient Criteria Ranges
  • References
  • Appendices
    • Nutrient Criteria Case Studies
    • Methods of Analysis for Water Quality Variables
    • Statistical Tests and Modeling Tools
    • Acronym List and Glossary