Pollution Prevention Week

Pollution Prevention Week

During Pollution Prevention Week we urge you to continue to spread the word: think of ways to prevent pollution in your world, innovate, and do it the green way from the beginning! That's the key to saving our planet's resources and moving toward sustainability. Please join in, renew your efforts and pat yourself on the back for progress you've made. Congratulations on every step!

Learn more about EPA's P2 program. Pollution Prevention (P2) Week -- September 18 to 24, 2017 -- highlights the many efforts of EPA, its state partners, industry and citizens to prevent pollution before it begins. Eliminating the sources of pollution prevents damage from being done in the first place and it eliminates the need for costly controls and cleanup.

Our EPA blog asks: What's an ounce of prevention worth?

Another EPA blog on how "Preventing pollution begins at home."

Find out what P2 looks like in US EPA Region 8.

P2 Resources for Businesses

P2 Case Studies

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What You Can Do

You can prevent pollution every day and conserve natural resources: