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Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)

Region 10 (Pacific Northwest) Indoor Air Quality

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EPA Region 10

About EPA Region 10

Customer Call Center – Region 10 Public Environmental Resource Center - 206-553-1200

Regional Contacts

  • Indoor Air Program, Mold, Asthma and Healthy Schools:
    Gretchen Stewart ( Ph: 206-553-0527
  • IAQ Coordinator, Air Sensor Loan-out and Radon Programs:
    Jim McAuley ( Ph: 206-553-1987
  • Tribal Indoor Air Program:
    Erin McTigue ( Ph: 206-553-1254
  • Air Sensor Loan-out Program:
    India Young ( Ph: 206-553-1219

Radon is the leading cause of lung cancer among nonsmokers and the second leading cause over all.
Take action to minimize your risk from exposure to radon - see video below.