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National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES)

Contact Us: National Pretreatment Program

Headquarters Contacts

Jan Pickrel (pickrel.jan@epa.gov) (202) 564-7904
National Pretreatment Coordinator

Marcus Zobrist (zobrist.marcus@epa.gov) (202) 564-8311
Chief, Industrial Branch

Deborah Nagle (nagle.deborah@epa.gov) (202) 564-1185
Division Director, Water Permits Division

Rebecca Christopher (christopher.rebecca@epa.gov) (202) 564-2444 
Pretreatment Team

Kathryn Kazior (kazior.kathryn@epa.gov) (202) 564-2696
Pretreatment Team

Seth Heminway (heminway.seth@epa.gov) (202) 564-7023
OECA Contact

Bob Fentress (fentress.robert@epa.gov) (202) 564-7023
OECA Contact

Carey Johnston (johnston.carey@epa.gov) (202) 566-1014
OECA Contact

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Regional Contacts

Region 1: Boston (serving CT, ME, MA, NH, RI, and VT)
Justin (Jay) Pimpare (pimpare.justin@epa.gov) (617) 918-1531
Pretreatment Coordinator

Region 2: New York City (serving NJ, NY, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands)
Virginia Wong (wong.virginia@epa.gov) (212) 637-4241
Pretreatment Coordinator

Alia Roufaeal (roufaeal.alia@epa.gov) (212) 637-3864

Alexandre Remnek (remnek.alexandre@epa.gov) (212) 637-3774
Clean Water Division 

Region 3: Philadelphia (serving DE, DC, MD, PA, VA, and WV)
Stephen Copeland (copeland.stephen@epa.gov) (215) 814-5792 

Region 4: Atlanta (serving AL, FL, GA, KY, MS, NC, SC, and TN)
David Phillips (phillips.david@epa.gov) (404) 562-9773   

Region 5: Chicago (serving IL, IN, MI, MN, OH, and WI)
Newton Ellens (ellens.newton@epa.gov) (312) 353-5562
Environmental Engineer

Jodie Opie (opie.jodie@epa.gov) (312) 353-1938 

Region 6: Dallas (serving AR, LA, NM, OK, and TX)
Rudy Molina (molina.rudy@epa.gov) (214) 665-6731

Michael Tillman (tillman.michael@epa.gov) (214) 665-7531

Region 7: Kansas City (serving IA, KS, MO, and NE)
Paul Marshall, P.E. (marshall.paul@epa.gov) (913) 551-7419
Pretreatment Coordinator

Region 8: Denver (serving CO, MT, ND, SD, UT, and WY)
Al Garcia (garcia.al@epa.gov) (303) 312-6382 

Emilio Llamozas (llamozas.emilio@epa.gov) (303) 312-6407  

Region 9: San Francisco (serving AZ, CA, HI, NV, American Samoa, Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, Federated States of Micronesia, Guam, Marshall Islands, and Republic of Palau)
Amelia Whitson (whitson.amelia@epa.gov) (415) 972-3216

Region 10: Seattle (serving AK, ID, OR, and WA)
Michael Le (le.michael@epa.gov) (206) 553-1099
Pretreatment Coordinator

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State Agency Contacts

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Alabama Department of Environmental Management 
Scott Ramsey (sramsey@adem.state.al.us) (334) 271-7838 
Chief, Industrial Section


Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation
Marie Klingman (marie.klingman@alaska.gov) (907) 451-2101


Arizona Department of Environmental Quality
Galileo Gutierrez (gutierrez.galileo@azdeq.gov) (602) 771-3958
Pretreatment Coordinator


Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality
Adam Yates (yates@adeq.state.ar.us) (501) 682-0617

Lindsay Johnson (ljohnson@adeq.state.ar.us) (501) 682-0045

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California State Water Resources Control Board
Gil Vazquez (gil.vazquez@waterboards.ca.gov) (916) 322-1400 


US EPA, Region 08 (Permitting Authority for Colorado)
Al Garcia (garcia.al@epa.gov) (303) 312-6382

Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment
Lisa Knerr (lisa.knerr@state.co.us) (303) 692-3004 
State Pretreatment Coordinator


Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection
Oswald Inglese (oswald.inglese@ct.gov) (860) 424-3725
Pretreatment Coordinator 

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US EPA, Region 03 (Permitting Authority for Delaware)
John Lovell (lovell.john@epa.gov) (215) 814-5790

Delaware Department of Natural Resources & Environmental Control
Robert Underwood (robert.underwood@state.de.us) (302) 739-9344 
Program Manager

District of Columbia

US EPA, Region 03 (Permitting Authority for District of Columbia)
John Lovell (lovell.john@epa.gov) (215) 814-5790 

Department of Environment
Hamid Karimi (202) 535-2277 

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Florida Department of Environmental Protection
Mr. Beshoy Elnemr (beshoy.elnemr@dep.state.fl.us) (850) 245-7566

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Georgia Environmental Protection Division
Jill Causse (jill.causse@dnr.ga.us) (404) 463-4942
Industrial Compliance Unit Manager

Sarita Banjade (sarita.banjade@dnr.ga.us) (404) 656-3541
Industrial Wastewater Unit Pretreatment Coordinator


US EPA, Region 09 (Permitting Authority for Guam)
Amelia Whitson (whitson.amelia@epa.gov) (415) 972-3216

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Hawaii Department of Health
Darryl Lum (darryl.lum@doh.hawaii.gov) (808) 586-4309

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US EPA, Region 10 (Permitting Authority for Idaho)
Michael Le (le.michael@epa.gov) (206) 553-1099  


US EPA, Region 05 (Permitting Authority for Illinois)
Newton Ellens (ellens.newton@epa.gov) (312) 353-5562
Environmental Engineer

Illinois Environmental Protection Agency
Alan Keller, P.E. (al.keller@illinois.gov) (217) 782-0610 
Manager, Permits Section


Indiana Department of Environmental Management
Natalie Maupin (nmaupin@idem.in.gov) (317) 232-8729 
Pretreatment Coordinator


Iowa Department of Natural Resources
Ben Hucka (ben.hucka@dnr.iowa.gov) (515) 725-8406 

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US EPA, Region 07 (Permitting Authority for Kansas)
Paul Marshall, P.E. (marshall.paul@epa.gov) (913) 551-9419 
Pretreatment Coordinator

Kansas Department of Health & Environment
Steve Caspers (scaspers@kdheks.gov) (785) 296-5551 
Pretreatment Specialist


Kentucky Department for Environmental Protection
Diana Robertson (diana.robertson@ky.gov) (502) 564-3410

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Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality
Todd Franklin (jeremy.franklin@la.gov) (225) 219-3209 
Environmental Scientist Supervisor

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Maine Department of Environmental Protection
Jim Crowley (james.r.crowley@maine.gov) (207) 287-8898 
Environmental Specialist


Maryland Department of the Environment
Michael Mayenschein (mike.mayenschein@maryland.gov) (410) 537-3629  


US EPA, Region 01 in New England (Permitting Authority for Massachusetts)
Justin (Jay) Pimpare (pimpare.justin@epa.gov) (617) 918-1531 

Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection
Kevin Brander (kevin.brander@state.ma.us) (978) 694-3236


Michigan Department of Environmental Quality
Jodi Lynn Peace (peacej@michigan.gov) (586) 601-7985
Pretreatment Coordinator


Minnesota Pollution Control Agency
Jaramie Logelin (jaramie.logelin@state.mn.us) (218) 302-6640
Pretreatment Coordinator


Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality
Tracy Tomkins (tracy_tomkins@deq.state.ms.us) (601) 961-5622
Pretreatment Coordinator (Permitting)

Steve Bailey (steve.bailey@deq.state.ms.us) (601) 961-5056 
Pretreatment Coordinator (Enforcement)


Missouri Department of Natural Resources
Todd Blanc (todd.blanc@dnr.mo.gov) (314) 416-2064


US EPA, Region 8 (Permitting Authority for Montana)
Al Garcia (garcia.al@epa.gov) (303) 312-6382

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Nebraska DEQ
Donna Garden (donna.garden@nebraska.gov) (402) 471-1367


US EPA, Region 09 (Permitting Authority for Nevada)
Amelia Whitson (whitson.amelia@epa.gov) (415) 972-3216 

Nevada Division of Environmental Protection
Nicholas Brothers (nbrothers@ndep.nv.gov) (775) 687-9414
Permits Branch Supervisor 

New Hampshire

US EPA, Region 01 in New England (Permitting Authority for New Hampshire)
Justin (Jay) Pimpare (pimpare.justin@epa.gov) (617) 918-1531 

New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services
Alexis Rastorguyeff (Alexis.Rastorguyeff@des.nh.gov) (603) 271-2052 
Industrial Pretreatment Supervisor

New Jersey 

New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection
Valentin Kouame (valentin.kouame@dep.state.nj.us)

New Mexico

US EPA, Region 06 / NPDES Permits Branch (Permitting Authority for New Mexico)
Rudy Molina (molina.rudy@epa.gov) (214) 665-6731

New Mexico Environment Department
Sarah Holcomb (sarah.holcomb@state.nm.us) (505) 222-9587     

New York 

US EPA, Region 02 (Permitting Authority for New York)
Virginia Wong (wong.virginia@epa.gov) (212) 637-4241 

New York Department of Environmental Conservation
Joseph DiMura (jxdimura@gw.dec.state.ny.us) (518) 402-8176 

North Carolina

North Carolina Department of Environment & Natural Resources
Deborah Gore (deborah.gore@ncdenr.gov) (919) 807-6383 
Pretreatment, Emergency Response, and Collection Systems (PERCS) Unit Supervisor

North Dakota

North Dakota Department of Health
Jeff Roerick (jroerick@state.nd.us) (701) 328-5240  

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Ohio Environmental Protection Agency
Phoebe Low (Phoebe.Low@epa.ohio.gov) (614) 644-2134  


Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality
Roshini Nambiar (roshini.nambiar@deq.ok.gov) (405) 702-8132 
Municipal Pretreatment Coordinator


Oregon Department of Environmental Quality
Etsegenet Belete (belete.Eetsegenet@deq.state.or.us) (503) 229-5586 
Pretreatment Coordinator

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US EPA, Region 03 (Permitting Authority for Pennsylvania)
John Lovell (lovell.john@epa.gov) (215) 814-5790  

Puerto Rico 

US EPA, Region 02 (Permitting Authority for Puerto Rico)
Virginia Wong (wong.virginia@epa.gov) (212) 637-4241  

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Rhode Island

Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management
Bob DiSaia (robert.disaia@dem.ri.gov) (401) 222-4700 x7228 
Senior Sanitary Engineer

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South Carolina

South Carolina Department of Health & Environmental Control
Craig Marriner (marriner@dhec.sc.gov) (803) 898-4164 
Pretreatment Coordinator

South Dakota 

South Dakota Department of Environment & Natural Resources
Tina McFarling (tina.mcfarling@state.sd.us) (605) 773-3351 
Pretreatment Coordinator

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Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation
Laurel Rognstad (laurel.rognstad@tn.gov) (615) 532-8786


Texas Commission on Environmental Quality
Rebecca Villalba (rebecca.villalba@tceq.texas.gov) (512) 239-4784 
Senior Pretreatment and Stormwater Team Leader

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Utah Department of Environmental Quality
Jennifer Robinson (jenrobinson@utah.gov) (801) 536-4383  
Pretreatment Coordinator

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Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation
Mary Borg (mary.borg@vermont.gov) (802) 490-6101
Manager/Biosolids Coordinator

Virgin Islands

US EPA, Region 02 (Permitting Authority for Virgin Islands)
Virginia Wong (wong.virginia@epa.gov) (212) 637-4241  


Virginia Department of Environmental Quality
Deborah L. DeBiasi (deborah.debiasi@deq.virginia.gov) (804) 698-4028 
Pretreatment Coordinator

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Washington Department of Ecology
David J. Knight (dakn461@ecy.wa.gov) (360) 407-6277 
Environmental Engineer/Pretreatment Coordinator

West Virginia

West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection
Netar (Nate) Wadhwa (netar.p.wadhwa@wv.gov) (304) 926-0499 x 1013 
Pretreatment Coordinator


Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources
Robert (Bob) Liska (robert.liska@wisconsin.gov) (608) 267-7631 
Pretreatment Coordinator


US EPA, Region 08 (Permitting Authority for Wyoming)
Al Garcia (garcia.al@epa.gov) (303) 312-6382 

Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality
Leah Krafft (lkraff@missc.state.wy.us) (307) 777-7093 
Environmental Senior Analyst

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